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Thread: That's it, game over for me!

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    That's it, game over for me!

    That's it, today is the day when i say goodbye ****Eleven. I play this for over 3 years now, i've won 40 trophies, 4 triple-crowns. I may not be the best manager, but i know how manage my team to win trophies. But lately, winning trophies it's not about managing your team as best you can do, it's about praying that the server lets you win. It happened to me way to many times to say that i did something wrong in those matches or it's just bad luck. No, that's just the way top eleven programmed the servers. And there's nothing you can do about it. Don't get me wrong, i don't say that i should never lose, but when i do, i don't expect to lose with a 3* abandoned team or with a 4* active manager (my team was always in the 110-130% range). That's exactly what happened today, in the second round of the cup. I' ve lost with a 4* abandoned team with one player in wrong position. Just take a look:

    That's it, game over for me!-screenshot_20180205-211921%5B1%5D.jpg
    That's it, game over for me!-img_20180205_212251%5B1%5D.jpg
    That's it, game over for me!-untitled.jpg

    My team is 105% and oppo is 65%. 40% quality difference which, according to TE, doesen't ****ing matter at all... + me online, + 2 supporters, + morale superb all, + 100% condition, which, again, DOESN'T MATTER!!! And...i'm eliminated for the first time in history in the first round of the cup, by a ghost team, abandoned and with players in wrong positions. for what? for top eleven to show us that he doesn't give a **** about us, managers. their only goal is to make us spend as much money as possible. So this is one fixed match. I bet next round he will lose 4-0, 5-0 at least. and this is just one example.

    Last season they introduced the "Germany Tour" ****. biggest bull**** ever. because:

    That's it, game over for me!-img_20180122_211712%5B1%5D.jpg

    I made the mistake to rejoin 2 times, and both times i lost the same way: me attacking and having all the opportunities, 65-70% possesion, and opponent has 2 shots scores 2 goals.
    Ffs, i know it's fake, but is fake as ****!!! they don't even try to hide it.

    Last season, and clearly the ultimate proof that this game is fake, was the semi-final match in cup. i'm sorry that i don't have the pictures anymore, but i was so angry, i erased them. so, i was 10% stronger than the opponent. i won 6-1 in the first round, at home, much easily than i expected, i was super-chilled thinking about the final. but here it comes the second round. i prepared the match perfectly, i had to protect a 5-goal lead, piece of cake. I joined the match right before the break, and the score was 3-0 for him with a red card for me. i made a quick sub to try to defend a bit, instant goal for him, and, as i expected after that, the 5-0 goal comes right before the end, in 86'th minute. I was shocked that something like that can happen, (i never lost a match by more than 3 goals, in 3 years!!!) how TE can make your team pathetic and make the opponent 30-40% better than he actually is. And please, if anyone thinks that this is not an fixed result, to let him advance into the final, please shut up, you're living in a parralel universe. and by the way, he lost the final, so where the **** is the logic in this ****???? THIS IS HOW A FIXED MATCH LOOKS LIKE.

    And now, they bring us the daily recommendation, where i got an 19yo AML, 144% quality for how much do you think? 1399T. yes, i didn't wrote wrong. one thousand and four hundred freakin' tokens!!! are you ****ing serious? how fools TE thinks we really are? but wait...that's the only thing TE can do in this game: finding new ways to make us spend as much money as possible. they don't give a damn about the gameplay, who sucks, they don't care about those unbelievable results, about that assistant manager, who is more than useless, about that pathetic live animation, which has the same occasions over and over again (the player runs with the ball on the side and crosses it in center where is cleared by the defender, even if you play through the middle), they don't care about the champions league and cup draws, who really sucks, they don't care about improving anything that actually matters and there are lots of things to improve. and this is where they lose...because i'm sure that i'm not the only one who thinks this way, many managers had already left. now it's my turn, many more to come, thanks to TE idiots who make decisions out there. That's the way top eleven is heading to: fake matches with fixed results, many managers to leave, useless challanges just to make us spend tokens, nothing really gool to improve for the future, and, oh, i almost forgot: the support team is a complete joke. There is nothing more useless than writing to the support team, they must have retarded people working out there, i don't even think they actually play this game, they're just copying texts that are in the "help" menu... and they are paid for that... And one more thing: please, but please, DON'T SPEND REAL MONEY INTO THIS GAME, that's the only way you can actually change something. Thanks and bye!

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    My advice, this is just a game, if you take it that way, you only will left the game when it bored you, no when you get angry for losing. I never spent a euro in the game, so, when I'm bored, I'll leave it, but I don't get angry anymore. Why? Because IS JUST A GAME!

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    Having won 5 trebles in a row and having lost just 4 times in the last 6 seasons I would have to politely disagree with you.

    My submission about this game is that the greatest tool of success is having good players. To win a game in top eleven your players must have good morale, training bonus, condition, win bonus,good tactics and formation. But above all these things your teams overall quality and the 'hidden quality' of your players is what really counts.

    You must note that some players will perform badly whether they're 6star or 8star but you will find that some 4star players are consistent performers, you must take note of these players and keep them because they have a good internal programming that causes them to perform.

    I personally have come to rely on weekly 79tokens recommended players because they always perform they seem to have a good 'internal program' so I keep them for many seasons.

    This season I'm currently conducting an experiment with the goal of creating an unstoppable player out of scratch. I want to prove that it is actually the skill distribution that makes a player great. So I bought a 3star player aml/ml and invested about 300 tokens to train only his white skills, I want all his white skills to be above 200% if he produces spectacular performances then I'll know for certain that it's how high the white skills of your player is that would determine his performance

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    Well, I'm going to talk about the last paragraph because the other are a bit hard.

    • It's just a game: If want to play it, do it. If not, well, don't play
    • That's bad luck but you have said that your team has won many thophies (I only have won 2 and I'm happy ) and there could be 1 or 2 troll games but they're usually fair games.
    • Why get angry with the game if you didn't spend money at it?
    • This could sound hard but I'm go to say it: "Nordeus doesn't matter that you leave the game". Much more poeple are playing than those who have gone.

    If you don't want to play more: OK, your choise but the thing that gets me angry it's that this it a respectful forum and not a list of bad language.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funker View Post
    That's it, today is the day when i say goodbye ****Eleven. Thanks and bye!
    I feel you pain =\ These things happens to me too.
    I actually quit the game a year ago, but friends from the forum brought me back to play with them. They are the only reason I'm still here. So I don't care anymore (well, I try) about pseudo-multiplayer tournaments like League, Cup, and CL. Casual PvE crap.
    Only association tournaments, only hardcore!

    That's it, game over for me!-topless11.jpg
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    It wasn't our day.

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    Thank you for the advice @funker. Maybe one day i will realize how silly i am playing this game but atm i'm just addicted.
    Trust me you are not the first and will not be the have a good day and best of luck.

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    rng is a big factor for a fm game like this but ok, if you don't want, don't spend money.
    As Toxcatl said, I also play for fun with my friends in asso.

    * but agree that the latest updates don't make the game more attracive for me to get back seriously.

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    Anger and bad language aside, I think he has a point. Yes a players performance matters but the key component here is that the game favors some teams based on whatever. If you manipulate the draw (which by the way I'm completely fine) you will have a tremendous advantage and of course your players will have amazing ratings, but would it be the same if you didn't manipulate the draw and played higher or same level stronger teams (the answer is a clear NO IMO), Yes you may have a great season finishing 2nd and 3rd in the competition, but you have that feeling in the key matches that the game goes against you.

    I don't complain about troll results anymore because I finally understood what they are, as I suspected for a long time they are random bad matches that help the predestined team win,you can see this especially in the league (if you disagree its fine, I think I have some substance in what I say).

    How did I know the SL was going against me?, simple. 2 matches, 2 direct red cards for my defenders, of course the match will go against me. what are the probabilities of these things happening when they don't make any sense from the tactics that you are using. I have many more examples that have convinced me of my stance but honestly it is getting too long.

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    At some point the 2nd team have better programmed players, that's what happen when the simulation choose your "worst combo" of players as the choosen ones to solve your match and, despite the AvQ diff, the simulation makes participe the best players of the lower AvQ. This more the sum that say that the simulations don't attending are more stable, did the rest.

    Ive always said that the margin of beatability is arround the 30% avQ diff, but a 40 in that case seems not strange.
    So the truth is that would be interesting to track this 11 nd see if still failing more often, I bet that yes, as in many cases when one buy just a 11 with quality without test the players to know how they fit, or if there's some player with negative impact -what I guess is the situation- .

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    That's it, game over for me!-tornado-2vs7.jpg

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