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Thread: Re-design - simple positional screen and a more tactical screen

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    Re-design - simple positional screen and a more tactical screen

    I've added this in the yesterday's update thread but prefer to hear some opinions here, basically I moved some info's displayed of screen with the idea to make it less heavy, and have a 1st screen, with the stars + cards + triangles and the complete names, moved the positions from that screen to the 2nd one, that, don't have the names, so is more tactical, to have the positions info', condition, and morale, that in the 3rd pic is moved as a arrow right positioned.

    Too I would change this cold black for a translucid friendly colour tbh.
    The truth is that I see the players better positioned with the circles, but there's too much info in both screens and imo needs to be slightly reallocated.
    So a 1st basic and simple positional screen and one more detailed I think that can work better.

    The game has been always known for the simplicity in all the aspects, so this helps to keep the essence.

    Re-design - simple positional screen  and a more tactical screen-variants.jpg

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    I agree. Great work with the images!
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    3 Simple things( To Nordeus ):

    - Remove that useless circle
    - Remove the positions...we all know our players, and leave the condition and morale
    - Add the oppo team shadow formation

    i think this is enough, btw gj Khris
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    Thanks, amazing how many art can be created with 4 minutes of paint lol

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    Not making the update because I'm unwilling to blind myself.

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    I agree with you and i think also the most of the peoples.
    But i want to add something about subs. Smaller icons for them and in one lane.

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    I didn't like the fact that the seven subs dont fit on the screen like they used. the last one is under and the fact that the nr of subs has not increased means that there is all that unused unnecessary space.