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    Barely made it for the emblem. I liked that I was able to beat the better teams but I had a really bad draw at 8th best in my KOTH league. Good thing is only 5 other players were active so had a fighting chance.

    All in all I gained close to 30 plus greens from making subs. some blues and reds as well so no complains.

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    Love it...

    The best is still King of The Hill...

    But it kills my nightsleep .. LOL

    But at least I won now and I got the emblem.

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    what about a not so hard KoH, with schedule... so both managers attending, and 4 matches max vs each oppo and 4 Trophies to achieve<-per oppo'*-¿?

    so, 10 opos, can be faced once per day, 4 times..... ?¿?¿?

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    How about they do something about regular games (league, cup, cl). Who cares about KOTH, it's time to do something about levels in game.
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