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Thread: Goalkeeper -> frustration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitza View Post

    fkn Nordeus should rethink about the way they handle the game. I mean there are so many issues with this game, I feel no need to continue with a listing of everything here, other people did that for years now. Needed that, sorry folks...

    GK Stats : bugged up, as all TE is

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    Bro even my goalie was shit when he joined, go relegated as I had to face against extremely strong teams. Imagine starting a season with your 93% team and almost all your opponents 115% minimum to 145% not fair right?. My keeper was still shit, just couldn't save, then after a season got promoted got another even more extremely strong teams with the strongest being 173% and I was the 3rd weakest 115% but I was place second. Well the same keeper performed like Gigi Buffon in his prime!! 3rd season with him got the same opponents, some are just tankers who fuck the league table at the end but just pussies who don't want to fight with their 150+ teams against the same guy who was with me for 2nd straight season(175%,not a tanker. More like token player).he won the quadruple (as expected) but the SAME KEEPER who was shit in his early season was one of the best performers. That's my story and what I want to say is maybe your opponents were stronger or just bad luck or like almost everyone said. Change your keeper, buy a new one. Mine was 95% when he started now he's 122% and he's a magician. I hope he doesn't fail me in the new season.
    And speaking of saves look at this one. 143% tanker pussy who plays with his strongest team at the end and twice against me. Got 3rd place because of him and a few of those fucking tankers. Lost 2-1 was away but just look at his keepers saves. Unbelievable!!! 8 saves in a match.

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