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Thread: Season 136 - Are you ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FC UFA CSKA View Post
    Всем привет, давно не играл в игру решил возобновить, подскажите пожалуйста как и где использовать усилитель навыка который подарил друг, заранее спасибо!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by FC UFA CSKA View Post
    И буду рад вступить в ассоциацию а то моя походу мертвая... Игрок активный!
    Привет и добро пожаловать еще раз,
    Усилитель навыков автоматически применяется к игроку.

    Вы можете зайти на подфорум FAs и найти ассоциацию, в которую можно вступить.

    Пожалуйста, используйте здесь английский язык, у вас также есть русская ветка, если вы хотите использовать русский язык:

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    Quote Originally Posted by VFK View Post
    What a start to the league... Two first games were home against bit weaker teams that I usually beat, so I was hoping for 4-6 points. First one I somehow lose 2-6 because my defence doesn't function at all. Second one I absolutely dominate, score an early goal, create chances all the time, but miss everything or have the opposing GK save them (made 8 saves, MOM with 9,1 rating). Of course I let in a late equalizer and it finishes 1-1.

    I was hoping to challenge two stronger teams for the league win. I suppose I now have to beat them in all our games against each other because they surely won't lose points against such teams...
    On a more positive note, I won today's cup leg 6-0 away against a team whose avq is a bit better than the league teams I couldn't beat, lol.
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    My league draw is really tough this season. There are 6-7 teams that have AvQ higher than me and they are all active. I already lost to one and got a draw against another. I think I’ll “keep it casual” this season and try my luck in SL next season instead of CL.
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    Unfortunately, The last night i got eliminated from the cup by an 'average team' in top 32 stage. We've lost the unbeaten streak after 3 seasons. I had postponed my power training session till the 21th of this month as hoping to see the release of new event, plus it's the time of new sponsor assignments and getting off scot-free in that period, but i got caught weak in defense and my team was not strong enough yet in overall quality i would desire lol. We conceded 2 corner goals, for the reason that my DC player has perfect penalty ability which is given 'random' in last sponsor. I didn't even see the 3rd goal while i was rushing hell on tactics lol.

    I struggled to take control of my team and getting no response like amateurs for the third time as far as i remember. It's equally funny and sad ending i couldn't defend my title.

    Season 136 - Are you ready?-20200919_034907.jpg
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    Has anybody got info whether there will be New Jersey for clubs already in shop, or maybe new clubs?
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    Have been mostly inactive this season with occasional inlogs just to check out how things are going after last season's debacle. My team was stronger by the end of last season than the season prior to that rendering stronger opposition this season. But apparently as long as you're inactive, that's all that matters. This season, I've (well, actually, the AI since I haven't been around) literally trounced all opposition in both official games and association while being inactive except for the association games. Last season I really struggled against even easier opposition while being active. I guess this game rewards inactivity. Either that, or my managerial skills suck.
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    It seems like no one is ready

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