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Thread: 7 tokens charged during negotiations is that fair???

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    7 tokens charged during negotiations is that fair???

    Why do we have to give Nordeus 7 tokens first before adding the other ones which will be taken by the manager who is selling the payer in negotiation??? I think for me this is not okay because, it is pretty expensive making many managers to look to the other options of purchasing players hence we can't do business as managers.....!!!! Another thing opening the negotiation zone during the end of the season is rubbish because we have to expect 20% drop in a new season hence making a player worthless because you can't buy a player who is 100% and more only less!!! I think Nordeus want money but they should also be creative in this part!!!!!
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    The tokens issue has been a thing for a long time now. It was like that in 2013 when I started playing. In those days in auctions if you bid on a player it cost you 1 token per bid! So I would say things are better now than they used to be in auctions.
    However, in negotiations Nordeus have always taken their cut and that is why we see so many zero token offers for our best players! Because managers do not understand that the other Manager does not see the additional tokens offered unless the buyer goes above the Nordeus cut (or Managers are just trying their luck).
    You are right about Negotiations in the final week though. This was never a popular move by Nordeus and most Managers are campaigning to get this changed or at least offer a week in mid-season as well for Negotiations. The only people who don’t mind the current set-up is tankers whose players won’t be dropping a star at the end of the season.
    The majority of us are in agreement with you though.
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    Tankers suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topèlevens¥<ks View Post
    Tankers suck.
    Tankers are made by Nirdeus,

    If there was no 20% drop for players who promote... there were no tankers...... tankers are created because made it a pay to win game... so if you do not want to pay and made a good team....

    There is only 1 way.... tanking

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    Even the handling tokens is too high but I think it is similar to the transfer fee, especially cross-region.
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