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    Lightbulb The state of content creation: Testimonies from the Top Eleven Content Creators

    [IMPORTANT] The state of content creation: Testimonies from the Top Eleven Content Creators

    Greetings everyone,

    We are the content creators of Top Eleven. We are those people that help & engage the community by producing content, mainly on our YouTube channels.
    We all love the game and do our very best every day to transmit this feeling to thousands of players out there. Each one of us has their own view about Top Eleven, and how it could be improved, but we can all agree when it comes down to one thing; the current state of content creation.
    That being said, today we are uniting in order to achieve two things:
    1) Raise awareness in the community about the topic
    2) Grab Nordeus' attention so that they address the issue, in order to create a brighter future for everyone, for us - the content creators, the community, and the company.

    To begin with, while Top Eleven is the #1 Football-Manager game in the industry for years now, we don't believe that content creation is on the same level.
    In fact, we feel we are neglected & left behind. If you look on YouTube for information, you would know that the videos available are very limited. Not to mention the Twitch platform where Top Eleven simply doesn't exist.

    Why? Because there are not many content creators out there, as you will see. But, why's that?
    Well, because, firstly, there is not enough support from the developer, which:
    1) Makes aspiring top eleven Youtubers & streamers to not even start their journey.
    2) Makes influential creators to give up on Top Eleven and switch over to other games. They stop chasing their dream/passion and the community loses an important personality.
    3) Makes it incredibly difficult to rise as a top eleven content creator, even though there is very low competition.

    Let's take a look on how other games support their content creators.

    1) Supercell, Epic Games, and not only, run "support a creator" program where content creators get a portion of their fans in-game purchases.
    This one encourages creators to keep producing content, as they make an extra amount of money. On top of that, the community is also able to support their favourite content creator

    2) Other games have dedicated in-game cosmetics to creators. Top Eleven could easily do the same by designing jerseys for the most well-known content creators and their community. However, it looks like they won't do it no matter how many times we kindly ask them - without any response.

    3) They share on their social media some top-level content which would be incredibly beneficial & helpful to the community. From this, everyone benefits. The creators' videos get more visibility, the community is helped/engaged, and the developer creates a more loyal community. It may look simple to execute, but, to our surprise, Top Eleven hasn't even done that.

    4) They create events/competitions with creators as the main face. Interviews, in-game events, videos, tournaments etc. A wonderful initiative would be top eleven hosting something like a 'content creator’s tournament" where the biggest Youtubers or other influential faces of the community take part. The matches would be streamed on Top Eleven's official YouTube Channel and the winner would get a prize. Just imagine thousands of people watching the matches, and the whole atmosphere. Wouldn't that be great for the whole top eleven community?

    5) On the very least, they engage with content creators by replying to them on social media and having discussions with them. Meanwhile, here we face a gap of communication, not only as content creators, but as a community in general. Actually, we wouldn't have to make this post if Nordeus communicated with us on a fair level.

    So far, there are not many things done by Top Eleven involving content creators, and we want to emphasize on that.

    Furthermore it is very difficult to produce top eleven content due to the limitations the game offers. The content is monotonous.
    It is limited to training videos, tactics, gameplay, events, and updates. On paper that looks like a lot, but no it is not. Training videos have been rinsed and repeated multiple times by multiple creators.
    The events are so monotonous and there is a general lack of creativity at Nordeus. The weather update was good because it changed the META and we had something extra to create content for a while.
    However, it is also very difficult to create content due to the famous randomness of the game engine and the lack of communication from the developers. We also want to note that we are doing this for the whole community, not only for us. Everyone would benefit in the end.

    • What if association friendlies had an option to become open for spectate? We could upload (and even stream) the best community-run tournaments and create a competitive atmosphere.
    Just imagine thousands of people spectating the Top Eleven World Cup final, or watching live a duel between communities, maybe even a creator’s one!
    • Taking it a step further, what if top eleven introduced a ladder/ranked system like many of the most successful games do? Currently there are not much to keep you hooked in-game, so a system where you can battle to reach the top of the world as a manager would be wonderful.

    With all of that that being said, we would like to come to the conclusion. The content creation is struggling, and that explains why the game is also struggling to attract and keep players.
    However, there's a silver lining to this dark cloud. Top Eleven is all about football which many people love, but you need to attract them and make them stay.

    So, we will summarise this entire message in one line;
    Invest into the game's content creators, it is needed.

    Yours Truly,
    The Top Eleven Content Creators

    Signed by:
    Rodrigo Paiva
    Charlie's Diary
    Stepan Bezdek
    UG WitchDoctor YouTube
    Kepo Cameroon
    Revolta Top Eleven

    Now you will also find individual testimonials from each content creator individually. They will share their own story and thoughts about the situation.
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    Hi, my name is Rodrigo Paiva! I am a content creator for the Youtube platform where my channel is dedicated to Top Eleven for over 6 years.
    It all started after discovering Top Eleven through a search on the Play Store where I was looking for some game related to football management because I always liked this style of game. I played Championship Manager, Football Manager, Elifoot and Brasfoot for several years and when I realized that at the time I didn't have games similar to him I found Top Eleven, that was in 2012.

    At first it was strange because it was a game based on the actual times and dates of our day, so I was a little thoughtful and if it was really worth it to continue playing, however, as the days went by, the disputes, the signings, I started to get interested in the new dynamics of a game I hadn't played in yet.
    From there I started looking for tips on the internet until I found my first Facebook group where I could make several friends, learn many things, create my first friends league that at the time it was possible to have many friends in the same Top Eleven league until I had the initiative to create my first Facebook page with tips about Top Eleven.

    The page started to grow, many were enjoying it, commenting and participating and raffles held on their own where they offered some items such as emblems and shirts from the store and seeing all this growth, my oldest son came to me one fine day and said: " Dad why don't you create a youtube channel?", it popped into my head right away but I had to deal with the embarrassment of public speaking and showing my face lol, but that's ok! I started recording videos without my camera with just my voice and the channel grew, growing to the point of drawing the attention of current Top Eleven moderators who invited me to be part of the moderators team, that for me was amazing.

    In 2016 with all the success I was invited by Nordeus to inaugurate the "Meet the Managers Series" frame where I could talk a little about my history with Top Eleven and show a little of my city, it was an unforgettable day!

    Today in 2021 I continue recording daily videos for Top Eleven giving tips, creating events, interacting with the community where we currently have more than 27 thousand on Facebook and almost 30 thousand on Youtube, they are very satisfactory numbers after this long journey of 6 years of dedication to Top Eleven.
    I currently have an average of more than 1,000 views per video, an average of 100 to 120 simultaneous people in my daily live streams, I currently have a mark of 42,000 views in the last 28 days among other very significant numbers where I can provide a good one visibility for Top Eleven through my content.

    Currently there are several content creators for Top Eleven, some from the same country, others from the same city and with a single purpose, to promote Top Eleven with their characteristics, whether they are giving tips, showing their games or even bringing a little comedy , with recorded videos or live streams.

    In today's gaming world, the best dissemination tool is the players themselves and if they are content creators with a good number of followers, even better!
    I see on other channels, whether on Facebook, Twitch or even on Youtube itself, creators who receive codes from companies that are called "creator codes", this code is used by users when purchasing a "battle pass" for example as it happens in PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty... and this code when inserted by a user shows how this content creator has influenced people to be consuming the products inside the game.
    There are several ways to help the creators community, but at Top Eleven we currently don't have as much support as other content creators who decide to make a living for it, in a way this is also a profession.

    We are available for a conversation with a single objective, "Showing the best of Top Eleven!"

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    To Whom This May Concern

    Now as my colleges/friends have made some valid points in
    their statements, i will try not to repeat my self from their

    So this is from my point of view regarding content creating
    and what to offer...

    For over 5 years now i have played Top Eleven, i have grown
    communities throughout Facebook (where I'm Admin of a
    Top Eleven Group), Reddit (were I'm the main active Admin there),
    Discord (were I'm the owner and admin of a Top Eleven server), which between them all
    must be well over 9k members

    My Dedication to Top Eleven has been of the highest aspect to helping
    other managers like my self that once struggled in the beginning
    sharing knowledge and experience of what i have learnt about the game

    I Also have a YouTube channel which i had also done many, many videos on
    Top Eleven that were helpful to many as all my videos were to do with helping
    those that play for free as its hard to participate against those that spend real
    money on games.

    Upon looking and playing many other games over different devices (PC, Mobile, Console etc)
    I have realised that there is many companies that reward there content creators (like my self)
    for creating content based on their games
    ..for example

    EPIC GAMES - they have a program, that once you meet requirements (1k (followers/subscribers), you can
    apply for there program and you get whats called a "creator code" which the code is usual the name of
    were ever you would have the 1k followers/subscribers, this creator code is then applied in any of there
    item shops within the game, which then who ever uses there creator code the creator of that code gets 5%
    of that persons spending - this is to help support that content creator those enticing the creator to create
    even more content,
    win-win situation.

    Epic Games isn't the only game company that does this, there is Super Cell and many other companies,
    as Nordeous is a Growing Company with there Games expanding, i believe Nordeous should follow suit in this
    matter giving there content creators there own program we can join with our own creator code, so we can get
    rewarded for all the hard work we've put in to helping Top Eleven Grow.

    With my self growing along side Top Eleven over 5 years, I've had many advertisers contact me to promote there
    sites and offers that are also based on Top Eleven for example Huawei app-store with Top Eleven (in different countries),
    and because of the work i did for them, they rewarded me.

    My opinion i think Nordeous Should reward all us content creators in same/similar ways, after all, without us
    the whole community of Top Eleven Wouldn't be as big as it now.

    Regarding content - Top Eleven has come on leaps and bounds over the years, there has been some good features, and updates
    to the game, BUT there has not been updates regarding certain aspects of the game
    for example:- tactics this has been the same for as long as i can remember

    in order for a football manager game to evolve , tactics is defiantly a feature to update , having more options within
    the tactics,
    3D is also an update much of the community has request for years too.
    further more with content ,as content has kind of dried up with many Top Eleven Youtubers (content creators) ,
    we need to see some sort of change in order to continue making content and also as mentioned earlier some type
    of rewards system to keep our motivation alive.

    I Continue to remain Admin of those communitites i mentioned at the start and help out best i can with my experience in the
    Top Eleven Community, but until Nordeous desides to make a vast improvement in Top Eleven game to be able to create more
    content for the game I my self have been doing content on other games that rewards there content creators, I Would love to be
    doing Top Eleven Content again if the chance arrose again if Nordeous rewarded their content creators.

    kind regards
    ICEMAN82AJ (Andy) (My Youtube Channel) (My Top Eleven Discord Server) (Top Eleven Reddit)

    Club Level 67

    League / CL / SL / Cup /SC
    39 / 23 / 2 / 21 / 11

    W - D - L
    2282 - 352 - 386

    Unbeaten streak - 96 games
    longest Win Streak - 40

    updated: 11/08/2021

    Join our Top Eleven Disocrd -

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    Looks like it's my turn


    Greetings everybody,

    I’m Miltiadis from Greece. My story begins way back in 2013. I was searching for a football-management game and Top Eleven sparked my interest. I quickly fell in love with the game and I kept playing with long breaks in between. However, I never took it seriously until the beginning of 2019. I remember it clearly; it was February 19’ when I decided that this time I won’t just be a casual player. I started reading a bunch of tutorials on this great forum and I joined many communities. Little did I know how the future would look like…

    I started my YouTube journey in the summer of the same year. My plan definitely wasn’t to become a YouTuber. In fact, I hate standing in front of a camera .
    I just wanted to test myself by uploading 2-3 tutorials, and, of course, to help others with what I knew by that time (not much basically). My first videos got more views than I’d ever imagine, and needless to say, I got addicted. Well, the rest is history, as they say. At the time of writing this, there are 10.700 awesome people part of my YT community, and I just achieved the huge milestone of 1.500.000 views. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything else.

    With all of this being said, I have to admit that I was from the fortunate ones. Unfortunately, not everyone got the chance to go as far as I did, and I believe that Nordeus is partially responsible for that. Content creators play a determinant role in community-building, as well as the success of the game itself. It’s obvious, right? While it may look obvious, there is not much done, unfortunately.
    Undoubtedly, Top Eleven should invest in its content creators and also establish a better relationship with them.

    Inadequate support from the developer, lack of content ideas, and the known content creator struggles themselves all sum up and make it incredibly difficult to be a top eleven content creator. Now I see why we are not many. I see why so many before me abandoned their journey and looked at other games to pursue their dream, while others didn’t even start theirs. But I also see that there is hope. With the right changes & improvements, anything can be done. The other guys have already mentioned a few ideas in order to improve the situation, so there is no need to repeat them.

    Anyways, the success of my YouTube channel has truly changed my life. Actually, it has given me the chance to do something I always wanted to do; to help & influence the community, and I’m eternally grateful for that. That being said, the journey as a content creator was not easy. Sometimes it was just too difficult that it made me ask myself “Is all of this worth it?”.
    I’m also thankful for everything that Top Eleven has given me. Without the game itself, I wouldn’t be here writing this. But, for now, what we need is more attention & assistance from Nordeus. I strongly believe that if this is done, the future will be brighter than ever before, for everyone. Cheers.

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    Hello everyone

    My name is Hélio Almeida and I am from Portugal. I started playing Top Eleven in 2015 at the time I was looking for a football mobile game and luckily I found Top Eleven in the play store. From the first day I started playing I was very impressed with the game. As in all games, the beginning has its learning time so that we can learn all the mechanics of the game and that's what I did, after a few seasons of success after success and with good performance in the game's competitions (League, Cup , Champions ) I decided that the game should be better known because it was quite enjoyable to play and that's when I decided that the best way to promote the game was to create a YouTube channel. I started making videos daily and of course at the beginning I was making videos and lives and nobody saw it but the game was so fun to play that I continued to make videos daily. Today the channel has close to 5000 subscribers and more than 95% play Top Eleven many did not play and started playing. I continue to make daily Top Eleven videos and try to show everyone that the game is a lot of fun to play.

    The Top Eleven community compared to other games is quite small, Top Eleven may have millions of players all over the world playing but possibly more than half are casual players, play a few seasons and then stop playing and after a few more seasons can come back to play. Top Eleven as you certainly know doesn't have many content creators and the few that do exist continue to struggle desperately to continue creating Top Eleven content daily. I say fight desperately because everyday content creators have to reinvent themselves to create content without being monotonous.

    Nordeus compared to other games, cannot give incentive for content creators to continue to promote the game, we needed for example: codes with prizes or benefits on in-game purchases or some customized item referring to the channel to show who gives us support, we just ask for some support or encouragement so we can help the nordeus to grow more.

    In conversation with the content creators, we could all come up with a solution but we don't get an answer from Nordeus as usual. I play for more than 79 seasons in a row and I have always been dedicated, I make a point of being proud of never having repeated a level and of being able to always have a competitive team winning titles every time. Talking now about some problems that the game is starting to have, Content creators are reaching a stage where everyone sees that nordeus does not have the recognition that we help spread the game both playing and making in-game purchases and it also ignores the community. I say ignore the community because as much as we try to show our displeasure Nordeus does nothing.

    Right now the game lacks new ideas, the events are always repeated just change the name, the event awards are a comedy, in the game there is no way for us to create connections with other players, whether of the same nationality or another nationality, the game after a few seasons with good management starts in some aspects to become obsolete for example: The money comes to a time when we already have so much money that it never ends and it just keeps accumulating, the treatment bags is another item that just keeps making number, the entire season special sponsor brings official repeating item from a season that has already passed.

    Certainly the lack of support or encouragement from nordeus with things that would not cost nordeus money to content creators in the future, I believe they will end up transitioning to other games. I hope we can all get to some point where everyone is happy.

    My YouTube channel ( RevoltaTopEleven)
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    Its nice to see this initiative and imo fighting for a better game is always good .
    Lets hope some of the thousands of suggestions towards better game quality and engagement that you and many others responsible persons made be heard.
    Also thank you all for the content and the effort guys.

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    My name is Maxwell Aligawesa also known as the UG WitchDoctor. Am a 23 year old content creator based on YouTube and I'd like to share my story regarding the state of content creation in Top Eleven.

    It is coming to close to a year since I started creating Top Eleven content on my channel. I got into content creation by pure luck. One bright morning, I answered a survey and was randomly selected to be a part of the Mourinho's prank call video. This was a piece of content made on the Top Eleven Youtube Channel last year. In this video, we got to talk about Mourinho and he surprised us by actually joined the call. It was a phenomenal experience that I will never forget. (He said my name three times, haha)
    After that happening, I thought that was really cool so I uploaded it onto Youtube. That was the genesis of my content creation career. I started doing training videos, tried out some meme videos and some advice. 11 months later, I have 730 subscribers and 76,000 views. My channel is UG WitchDoctor, make sure you check it out (Shameless self-promotion ha-ha)
    Fast forward to early this year, I have had 2 partnerships with Huawei AppGallery where I promote their discounts in Top Eleven to would-be buyers. This was where I advertised discount coupons off in-game purchases that could be used in the Huawei App store. In simple terms this means I have made money for me (being paid to promote) and you (people utilizing the promotion to buy in-game items).
    However did you know that all this would not have been possible without the initial content (prank video) in the first place? Due to that initial video, people have viewed my Top 11 content more than 76,000 times, that is how much publicity a small channel like mine was able to gather, I can't even explain the influence that bigger creators have got and delivered to the game. If this doesn't show Nordeus how valuable content can be, I do not know what will!

    Invest in your content creators, Nordeus!!!

    Link to my channel -
    Link to the Mourinho prank video (am the guy with the bandana) -

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    Greetings to all

    My name is Justy, an addicted football fan and a gamer. It’s been around 3 years since i started playing this amazingly wonderful game. I mean if FiFa ruled the PC side for football, top eleven ruled the mobile platform... and i did my community work by staring an YT channel spreading whatever i know, In-turn spreading the word about this truly great game.
    Off late though, things are starting to look a bit slow. Since the last 5 months my channel hasn’t put out any new i am a strong believer of feedback and constructive criticism.
    My personal reason for that is obviously lack of content, and i believe my fellow friends have addressed that.
    • The game constantly revolves around 4 divisions. League, Cup, Champions League, Association. Yes the Association matches are improved. But the other three also need to be improved.

    • Monthly or per say seasonal tournaments that happen is of a repetitive format. Everyone that plays for 3 months understand what to expect of what which ultimately loses your interest in these.

    • Since the game came to life up until yesterday, there are only 8 controls for tactics, which makes it really hard to talk about once you know the stuff even in your sleep.
    Are there improvements..? Of course yes. There is so much the game can address. Bring in more subdivisions for each tactics. Divide the field for example, divide into 3 DEF, Mid, Attack. Concentrated tactics can be made by making my DEF always use long passes. Mid-field can always be on Short Passes. Finally my strikers not involving in any play build up and just conversion. These settings can be integrated in the current tactics. And i remember i suggested this like 2 years ago.

    • Recently, since the pandemic there has been less or zero support for the people who actually write to customer support. They never clarify the issue. instead they stay somewhere about the subject and kind of resolve by telling the game is real and they compare it with real life without telling what to do. Which is hard for me to believe since the game actually works in codes unless there is some voodoo thing happening in my phone where 11 small people are there. The next response they say is we collected data. Okay, what did you learn...? We are sorry we can’t disclose. Okay... What should i do...? We have given the data and we will make improvements. Again it is not helping.

    • Finally this is just my personal opinion and has nothing to do with the business side or the gaming side. I would love if the game used this platform to spread more awareness in common humanity issues. This pandemic has turned every human beings life in some way or the other. One could say pushing through awareness of such things is important. The health workers risk their life every day. Do a tournament in their name. Sometimes a few kind words is much greater than a million dollars

    I could say hundred more things but i will let my friends also address some issues.
    Thanking you

    (Charlies Diary Youtube Channel)

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    Hi, my name is Joshua Kweok! I'm also a Malaysian content creator for the Youtube platform where my channel is dedicated to Top Eleven for around 18 months. It all started when I was looking for a football management game, so I found Top Eleven in 2019.

    It was interesting to play, it's different from other football management games. It is more of a PVP game, where you face other well-trained clubs and are well organized by managers worldwide.

    I started looking for tips on the Internet until I found out about Miltiadis YT channel. His channel gave me many tactics and tips about the game and soon inspired me to create my Top Eleven YT channel.

    Besides that, I joined different Youtuber's discord servers, where I grew from a newbie to an experienced coach who gives training tips and tactics.

    It has been hard for us content creators to create new content. As more and more TE YouTubers appear, sadly the game cannot provide an equal proportion of updates to the game. TE Youtube content is slowly becoming repeatedly.

    Many changes need to be made, and it has to be fast. Content for TE Youtubers are slowly dying
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    Dear Nordeus,

    My name is Stepan Bezdek.-------- I am from the Czech Republic and I really love this game. I have been playing Top Eleven since August 2015. I would like to tell the story in the view of a content creator.

    I started posting educational videos about Top Eleven 4 years ago. My English wasn't on a great level and I just recorded and uploaded some training videos. They aren't very useful but it was for my enjoyment of the game. However, a year and a half ago, when the corona decided to abuse us, I was thinking about a YouTube career. I love YouTube and Top Eleven, so I just merged these two hobbies (the third one is football and that's why I chose Top Eleven). First few videos were made for fun and for a little group of people.

    The fate of my channel changed when I posted some popular videos. My subscribers count grew quite fast. In September 2020, I hit the goal of 1000 subscribers. It was a big and beautiful dream. Also, thanks to Miltiadis, the most famous Top Eleven YouTuber in this period, I got some subscribers by playing a friendly match with him and got some useful tips from him. Just during September, I uploaded the most viewed video on my channel (4-2-3-1 formation, tips and tricks) with more than 50K views.

    Today, my channel is subscribed by almost 3,2K users. I owe them very much! I think they like my creation and it’s always a good moment for them when I publish a video
    The most comfortable feeling for me is when someone needs a tactic guide against his opponent and I am able to help him. Especially, when the tactic works well and my friend wins the match.

    So, I would like to have your attention because our effort can be also extended in the game. Our tutorials can help other people who still don’t know about these videos. I suggest to add an educational video into the Community Feed section in the game. It will help a lot!

    Thanks and regards,

    Štěpán Bezděk

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