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Thread: Learning a new position

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    Hmm maybe I can explain that he scores a lot because he is a very good player such as yours (more than 6*) so he will be better than the average player in your league meaning he could score easily
    yep, so far what I 've seen is quality and "talent" (internal programming) that counts.

    in his first 13 games as the sole striker on one of my accounts, he had only ONE goal.
    there is the general problem with the STs (who are not scoring while the AMs are scoring a lot).
    I believe you read my relative thread.

    Another thing is when you buy a young player and do a lot of power-training, this affects in his performance in the games.
    You must do a tough training, keep him away from official difficult games and use him after fer days after some relax.

    It's not a rule but I saw that happening many times.
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    Thanks Al Svanberg, I will maybe complete this thread by doing double position and learning a third

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    i just wondering why i cannot train new position to my goalkeeper to become at least a DC

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