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Thread: Testing SA's Thread

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    playing in a CH.L. +1 LV, the target is to take the third place of my group so to continue in Super League.
    So today I had to loose my game
    Set the weak players and 4 normal.
    Oppo had 3 F-K with Mohamed as choice (with sa and 171 quality)
    The first was a crossing (fail)
    The 2nd, hit the defensive wall (of my player Kakavos, with 128q - Dunga wasn't in the game at that moment, I made him a sub)
    The third saved by Paliouras, my old GK with 101q

    Testing SA's Thread-ch-l-group-d3-lost.jpg
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    nice you didnt have a troll match so the result was what you expected

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    ok, this is happening is almost all my games.
    Messi is a corner specialist.
    I can see his sa sign 4-5 times in every game so today I decided to keep some pics from a cup game.
    But almost none of his C-K finds a team mate.
    wtf is the "special" about it ?

    Testing SA's Thread-cup-game-messi-corner.jpg

    Testing SA's Thread-cup-messi-1.jpg

    Testing SA's Thread-cup-messi-2.jpg

    Testing SA's Thread-cup-messi-3.jpg

    Testing SA's Thread-cup-messi-4.jpg
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    I always thought the playmaker SA had something to do with assists. But apparently no...

    I saw a few times the Playmaker icon showing on the screen a bit before before a goal. (Sorry no screenshots) I
    I couldn't see well if the player with the SA did the assist, but I think he didn't, since he was not credited for it in the match report.

    So it makes me think this SA must have other powers.

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    @ LarryC
    Take a look at this thread - I made a small experiment about PM/CK a long time ago. Maybe it will help a bit.
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