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Hi Everyone,

Great job khris! Don't know if you are the original author of this theory as I have come acroos multiple similar explanations on youtube and other forums, nonetheless, you had the hard work of putting it together on a spreadsheet.

Just came here to share a different version of my own, with a more clean view. Mathmatics are pretty much the same as yours, since the many theories around this, have prove so far to be right in what comes skill mass training.


By the way, file is part Portuguese,part English but think is straightforward, those interested can always translate it in full.

Thank you all.


Thank you for your contribution, much appreciated.

However, I am really struggling figuring out how to properly change the 'white skills' section (Crit. Skills). No matter the changes I make (change values, delete content etc) nothing really changes. Would you please be so kind to elaborate? Thank you in regards.

- K