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    On my top 100 its an association called ROMANIA.
    But lets take a closer look.
    Unbelievable number of loans-screenshot002.jpgUnbelievable number of loans-screenshot003.jpgUnbelievable number of loans-screenshot004.jpg

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    Seems like an exploit and lack of sportsmanship. But then did the T11 rules stated clearly againts it?

    I have read T11 say no VPN etc, but I dont remember anything prohibiting loans and power training.

    Seems like a new rule has to come out first before action be taken , or perhaps an update to game engine that limit loans between 2 clubs per day? 5 loans between 2 clubs per assocation day is more than enough. Or how about healing and loaning only on association match day?
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    That Romania one changes name every few weeks trying to hide lol

    If you go to the Top eleven world Facebook group one of their main admins is up to this & very openly boasting about leaving their Association after the weekend & re joining their "Fake" one to power train players via loans then they rejoin their Association for the weekend games .
    Hermanski (?) a German player is very good at this & has a nice 9 star team when you ask them they tell you "It´s not cheating as you are allowed to do it" Total prick if you ask me
    Again how long before this is stopped ? & Do they keep their 9 star teams ?
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    If it was clear cheating, the ban would be the easy solution. So -->
    As Nordeus has not banned them immediately (comparing with "VPN case") they accept it is not cheating and they are banging their heads that someone find a way to exploit their own rules. So -->
    They try to find a way so people wont exploit further more the system. So -->
    No ban - No star reduction - Exploit wont be feasible anymore.

    This is how I think it will go ...
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    I fully agree with Cloverfield. "Legality" and "fair play" are entirely different. Perhaps, this situation falls into the latter category.

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    Someone please correct me if i'm wrong here,

    I'm pretty certain it's an exploit and not cheating, whereas VPN in cheating. Now, I fully understand players gain more of an advantage from the loan exploit, than they do farming VPN. But with VPN, users are watching ads that someone is paying nordeus to market on its gaming platform. Whereas, with the loan exploit there is no 3rd party, impacting the situation. So, with VPN abuse, companies can indeed suspend business dealings with gaming platforms such as Top Eleven. So, in this case we have the risk of a business cutting off business dealings with another business. However, with the loan exploit, this isn't the case. However, a ban imposed on those abusing the exploit, removes the revenue from users that either support nordeus through watching ads or buying tokens.
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    I agree with you on this much; however, now that the exploit has been exposed, it is Nordeus's responsibility to close the exploit to ensure that fair play wins. Perhaps institute a temporary point penalty to prevent those top associations from reining in the tokens every season, but I'm not sure if a ban is necessarily justified (even though it'd make a lot of us happy!).
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    I am more than annoyed by this situation but please: stop asking for a ban. One cannot get banned for taking advantage of what the rules allow you to do ! Maybe what Nordeus is trying to tell us is: just do the same and do not complain. I don't do that, so I stopped complaining.
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    You don't have to moan about this situation or asking for ban ! You have just to do the same tricks as them ! The problem is not those players who take the opportunities of this exploit , the problem is from Nordeus who are letting them doing those things !
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizzmo View Post
    I am more than annoyed by this situation but please: stop asking for a ban. One cannot get banned for taking advantage of what the rules allow you to do ! Maybe what Nordeus is trying to tell us is: just do the same and do not complain. I don't do that, so I stopped complaining.
    I really don't know, how often I have to say this: THIS IS NOT TRUE.

    The rules cleary say, you are allowed to use more than one team, but you are not allowed to use them to pimp your mainteam. So this guys, who use the exploit, are breaking the rules. That's the point!!!
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