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    Substitution is not working properly!!!

    I lost a game today because my substitution dmc didn't want to come in game for mc, so my mc played 30 minutes on dmc position. Just after my second goal (1:2 for mx team) I wanted to sub mc with dmc and what happened, dmc didn't enter the game until I move him on field. The game finished 3:2 because I didn't notice that dmc didn't enter and all that time played with mc on dmc position. Should I play anymore or should nordeus fix this issue, I spend a lot of tokens and rest (about 3-4 K this season only) but I guess it was for nothing. Why don't you fix this when you know for this problem for a such long period. FIX things, stop with stupid updates.

    Acosta is DMC that I wanted to sub MC Cetiner at 50', but as you see he entered game at 81'.
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    Same happened to me yesterday
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    half time sub.

    Yesterday I made a a substitution at half time as thing were not working out for my team, The change eventually happened at 81st minute. What a joke. This also happened to a friend of mine also. This game is dead.

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    yep, it happening alot, make sub and he enter after 2 corner kicks

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    This is an ancient bug.
    Started before 2 years when they indroduced this new horizontal team set up.

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    yep, this bug continues years now.
    So do the common trick, when you give the order for a sub, go on the team's formation screen and move a little another player in his box (tabbing for a 2nd time the Save V button).
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    Similar issues with substitutions. Specially during half time,,,

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    When you do sub, try to move that player on the field. Usually it helps to make actions. But still this bug is so old that i dont know what developers are doing

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    i do as tomu said move a bit the players to force the substitution but its really a bug that should be fixed

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    Subbing takes too long

    I've had multiple games now where i subbed a player but he does not get changed on the pitch. Once i brought in an attacker for a defender at 50' (so, new formation) but he didnt even enter the pitch and i lost because one of my stikers was a DC. If it takes so long to substitute a player why bother?
    Please fix this nordeus
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