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Thread: Wake up Nordeus!!!!!.....again

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    short answer: most likely

    theyre an indie developer, they need more experience, theyre starting to get the point (albeit too late)
    still no need to go after the mods/each other
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayweed View Post
    Here's my rant
    One season of injuries
    I have 50 medical packs

    >buy new player
    >injured on first game - 15 days, use 15 treatments fully healed
    >next game another player injured - 11 days, use 15 packs
    >buy new player
    >injured first game 9 days, use 15 packs
    >same player injured in 9th minute of next game after being fully healed and fully fit. 6 days
    >another player injured in game after that, 6 days.

    Do I buy new treatments? Are nordeus trying to rip me by injuring my players so I buy more? I confusion with this.

    Any other players with injury dilemmas?
    Wow dude, thats serious bad luck...or what I call bad programming by Nordeus.

    We all have issues with injuries. We know that using the red packs causes more injuries but we cant prove it.

    I have seven 5* players this season and 2 of them got injuries in the cup game today and were not subbed for some reason. That pisses me off, but hey, I lost 0-1, so that could be a troll result on the other guy, so it could have been worse. lol, the other guy is pissed he watched the game and I didnt, and he plays with 10 men vs my 8 men and he only wins 0-1. Troll result? But still, 2 of my best players injured. i have 14 other players that are 3/4*, but do they get injured? Not as often as my 5/6*.

    you cant do much other than heal the long injuries and suck up the 15 red bags. I tend to let them sit unless i absolutely need them.
    The injuries today were 6 days and 2 days. I will most likely heal one of them as he is my 2nd best DC and I need him for the league game tonight. But thinking about this while typing it...screw that. i can win without him and save myself 9 red bags. the 6 day injury is a 5* MC with corner who is always playing, but I might just sit him. I have 184 red bags, but it will start to go down fast if I start to use them when they want me to use them.

    So just try to suck it up and take the heat and dont heal them if they are less than 5 days in length.
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    Nordeus you should really take a look at the Football Manager 2014 beta version. They have said that they have fixed 600 bugs in their game since it came out a week ago and asked their customers if they think there should be an update for it, 98% said yes so they done it.

    And Nordeus are still 'looking into' a minor fix like the free player number change a year after they said they would do it.. How embarrassing Nordeus!!!!
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    Tsk, tsk.

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    OK guys, this thread is getting off course and some posts are already crossing the line. We understand people's frustration with some changes taking longer, and we are taking into account suggestions, but we cannot approve of insults or hostility towards either forum staff or Nordeus staff.

    If you would like to continue the original discussion, please open a new thread.

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