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Thread: Season 51

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    Quote Originally Posted by khris View Post
    Well, the same in League, bayern and Port vale FC won.

    Bayern won 1-2 and Port Vale FC 6-0 without my assistance.
    Now I have the players in correct positions... It seems, I have another sensation looking that the 1-2 was against one of the favourites to play for the league... Nostbakken and Overmars scored for Bayern's victory.

    Lol history of a tanking...

    All time stats doesn't have only one season, that stats has your all past seasons and progress season.

    You see:
    I have 33 wins, 7 draws and 9 lost in all past seasons and in progress season in 6 seasons.

    My highest scoring goals is the match from me and Fc PaZZ HaZe 9-0 (Level 5)

    And my league positions:
    Season 1: 7th
    Season 2: 1st
    Season 3: 4th
    Season 4: 2nd
    Season 5: 2nd
    Season 6: 4th (Now)

    Season 6 season day league positions:

    Day 3: 8th
    Day 4: 4th
    Day 5: 4th
    Day 6: 4th, 2nd on previous log-in

    And much more...

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    Season 7 Level 7

    Season 1: 7th place (League)
    Season 2: CHAMPION (League), CHAMPION (Cup)
    Season 3: 4th place (League)
    Season 4: RUNNER-UP (League), 2nd runner-up (Cup)
    Season 5: RUNNER-UP (League, being 2nd place since season day 4 to 28)
    Season 6: 3rd place (League)

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    I know Nordeus have changed game time a lot this season but just seen fixture`s in my league and with 7 games on they all 1 minute apart so 7 games in 7 minutes and i`m the last on up V top of table
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    A promising start for all 3 teams this season. All at the top of their league and still in the cup. My primary team, asml is struggling in the CL so far. We're llast in our group with just one draw. Next game is crucial, if we can win the whole group is wide open again. I expected it to be tough, being the weakest, but I don't rule us out yet.

    My lvl 4 team, A7X has no CL but by still being in a much higher cuplvl I already made a lot of cash. Some of my fastest trainers are 21 now, so ideally this is the best time to sell. With that in mind, I figured I might as well get three 18 year old high lvl 4* Nordgens now, rather then pay a lot more at start of next season. They might even be better by then, be it 19 years. That still leaves me with 3 seasons of rapid growth.

    I followed the same strategy as I did with my other team asml, and went looking for high value players in 3 positions I'ld always field, DC, MC, ST. I got a bit carried away though, putting me quite a bit in minus, but I still have 2 cupmatches. I might have to sell 1 player still, but I'ld happily replace him with what I've bought. I was getting a wee bit worried after discovering only 2 4* players and for the rest just 3* on the market. But as I noticed before, after it "bleeds" dry, a whole bunch of NG's comes up, 15-20 players, each 4 stars.

    Season 51-maya.jpgSeason 51-husen.jpgSeason 51-fernandez.jpg

    They were the most expensive players available at their lvl. Results from a cardio and practice match:

    Season 51-cardio.jpgSeason 51-practice.jpg

    They were all bought for 1 T each, sincerely hope you guys in the new market can get back to this.

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    97 from cardio? holy moli

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    This stupid game injures so many players in order to get my tokens, that it is in higher levels not possible to play the match semi-active
    (fielding teams, giving instructions pre-match). Today I lost 0-1 in the CL, because my team played 2 men down after two injuries. The subs for that position were also injured, so it is bad luck.

    Yeah, bad luck. Nordeus, f*ck you, I won't buy tokens and benefit you for your fails.
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    Espero terminar la tempora con opciones a champions y seguir lunchando
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    Just had 4 injuries in 1 match. Add the 1 player that is injured from before and i currently have 5 injured players. That would make it 14 total injuries this season...

    I've barely have any substitutes left...

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    in the time warp
    Another successful day for O FC! The only upset Bruce Wayne didn't want to score today. He had more than enough chances. But well, one of those days

    We won the top game in league vs the team in 2nd spot.

    Season 51-bildschirmfoto-2014-03-15-um-15.15.05.jpg

    Also won the 3rd group match against one of the strongest opponent in CL and the strongest in my group.
    Since Bruce Wayne refuses to shot a goal (at least 4 shots but all missed or blocked) and we pretty much had the game under control all the time, my DCs thought to have a little fun.
    So Palanghi (DR) and Clark Kent (DC) decided to go offensive for a change. And it worked

    Season 51-bildschirmfoto-2014-03-15-um-15.16.04.jpgSeason 51-bildschirmfoto-2014-03-15-um-15.16.25.jpg

    Manager Level 3 --- League Level 3
    League: 1st, 2nd
    Cup: 2nd
    CL: group, semi-finals

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    In League I face a tough opponent, an ingame friend with a really good team.

    Luck was (mostly) on my side... Season 51-12-lg-4.jpg Season 51-12-lg-4a.png Season 51-12-lg-4b.jpg

    Except Kofi Bobo got injured! Wah.. but it was only a 3 day ouchie.

    Since I had a slot I felt maybe I'd go for more offense: Season 51-ersin.jpg
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    After a difficult 1st half with Cat Harrison keeping us in the game !!! the opponents had no auto subs (lol ) so we changed formation bringing on Sergi Sanchez, and July Fourth, and going all out attacking ,, after a injury to their forward .. this was the game changer lol

    Sergi Sanchez with the , equalizer , then Phil Scrivener put us in the lead ( the old man ) lol then putting the game to bed was July Fourth !! a 3-1 win outs us all top of the league but we may be 2nd later in the day !!!!!!!!

    Leandra Marina is now available for our next game

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