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Thread: Nordeus apologists, please explain...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyros View Post
    I believe in bad rng. Stats are thrown constantly in a match bucket, being steered up and sometimes bad, unreasonable results come out.

    PS: Rastaman I wont even bother to comment on what you wrote. You see you are the one who tries to prove conspiracy theories, not me. So reply all you like, since you love to get that last word.
    Not looking for your comment, as I just told you how it was.

    you are correct in that stats are thrown in a bag and a hand basically comes in and grabs a result based on the numbers. it really cant be any other way based on how this game is structured.

    the problem is that the more people who know this, it gets worse for Nordeus simply because it takes away the manager aspect from the football management game.

    look, this is a football management game and it is masquerading as a serious football management game, but in reality is just mickey mouse.

    I play this game to see what it takes to manipulate it properly, to see what drives this engine to give such inconsistent results.

    You guys call it conspiracies, but really, I would put money on most of them being correct. why? because its too simple of a game. Its a simple game out to get money. as much money as it can. how else can I put this...

    Its a carnival game posing as a football manager. we all know that carnival games are rigged. that is a fact.

    I just cant believe people play this game and put serious money in it and they dont even get a prize to take home.

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    I Myself have 4 teams, so i have already seen a lot of things.

    In my opinion what happens is that If you have a strong team fighting for top 4, you get trolled to keep the LEAGUE more competitive, If you are fighting for promotion you Will win against some of the stronguest teams and lose against some of the weaker ones.

    If you start to stop watching games and training, the system recognise this as a possible situation of abandoned the game, so it gives you good results, for you do not quit.
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