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Thread: Season 57

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    Hard match today too. Opponent stronger than me, followed the match, had another eight friends who are rooting for him, but was not able to win

    Season 57-screenshot_1.jpg
    Season 57-screenshot_2.jpg

    goal is to be 7, because the league is too strong, we have one of the weakest teams in the league, but we will fight to the end to take a 7th place. It will be a very difficult time, but I and my team will not surrender

    Season 57-screenshot_3.jpg

    Tomorrow's opponent. Chances are our minimum, but we will give our best to get a very important point at away.

    Season 57-screenshot_4.jpg


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Renn View Post
    Yes, that's ok Bro, the 1st is your countryman haha way strong, i beat him in friendly but i don't think i can again, but in this murder league top 4 is like champion, so i try 2 - 4 then im satisfied
    I know this feeling!

    Season 57-tab-half.jpg

    Guy who won League last Seasin... in place below me. UniQ Milan is crazy strong Team, that did badly last Season and decided to try harder this one.. it shows. So I will be very happy to promote, and super pleased if I can manage a CL spot.

    After getting crushed 4-0 by UniQ Milan.. I was feeling a bit down. But my team's form has picked up a bit, we even managed to beat #2 so all hope is not lost:

    Season 57-day-15.jpg

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    No teams to be cursed now so I just listen to Avicii



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    Champions league went well, but once again 2 of my 5 Mcs injuried (4 days) n they both Nordgens, sucks more. Really pissed of that, in a few hours the leader awaits me haha will be funny, specially without working midfield now, let's see. At least cl next round already reached

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    23 stars difference... I didn't have a chance to win this one, and it's miracle I didn't lose 0-10...

    Season 57-capture.jpg

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    Champions League: Buffs FC get up for an early start while Buffs Mad is still frolicking across Candy Floss Meadow, munching Marshmallow trees and swimming in Ginger Beer lake.

    Buffs draw 1-1 away. But more importantly the Buffs have now broken the Club record for cards with only half the season gone - 23 yellows and 1 red.

    League: Buffs FC record a 4-0 win, away ofc, to keep in touch (just) with the leader - 4pts behind in 5th.

    Now the real fight begins.

    Affiliate Club News

    Andy Thomson over at Celtic Rangers hits a slump and only scores 5 goals today to see his half season total barely reach 60. . Celtic Rangers remain in a 3 team battle at the top - each club has lost once to one of the other.

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    well after a 2-0 home win i have moved from 5th to 4th halfway through season, not bad for a level 20 team in level 21 league my aim is top 4 four but we will see how next 3/4 games go before i decide to carry on or tank rest of season as it`s tight for promotion with 7 pts from me to 11th
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    CL: I didn't watch the game, but I had 61% ball possession and my team has 64,7Q and his team 57,4Q. I lost 1-0 and most of my players got a good rating Hopefully they perform better in the 2nd leg, I've never been kicked out the CL before the semi-finals.

    League: 3-1 win, 7 points ahead of 2nd

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    Our performance after half season...

    League : As usual we have scored a lot of goals and will try to reach 180+ goals and also aim for 26-0-0......

    Season 57-2.jpg

    The man who has been helping Siddharth FC in scoring so many goals......

    Season 57-3.jpg

    CL : Still undefeated and scoring plenty of goals......

    Season 57-4.jpg

    CUP : It was also going good until we got defeated in Top 16......Suffered our first defeat of the season which resulted in breaking of our longest winning streak......

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    Halfway League Table

    What a strange season so far... Who would of thought that patuska who emerge as surprise front runners and challengers for the league title this season and defeated both ourselves and El Capo earlier this season. We lost against El Capo and Ottomans as well while El Capo have suffered some shock results too and this is handed a 5 point lead for patuska at the halfway stage this season, One thing for sure in this league with 3 teams realistically in the title race its going to be a close finish as ourselves and El Capo look to try and make ground on the surprise leaders. I suppose it makes a change from the usual situation that finds July Fourth running away from the pack in the majority of our previous league campaigns and we could even see a surprise winner of the league this season.

    Key Matches
    Round 16: El Capo vs July Fourth
    Round 17: patuska vs El Capo
    Round 19: patuska vs July Fourth

    Also the other matches for the 3 contenders for the title this season could be very important especially against LaFruta & OTTOMANS 1453 who are both strong teams too.

    It will be interesting to see what happens from here... Can patuska continue their unexpected good form and claim the title? Can July Fourth have a sublime 2nd half of the season and win the league from here or can El Capo win the league from here should patuska start to find things difficult towards the end and overturn July Fourth too?

    Odds to win the league
    patuska 6/5
    July Fourth 7/4
    El Capo 9/2
    Any Other Team 33/1
    *Retired From Top Eleven*

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