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Thread: Season 57

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philip L. Willis View Post
    Nice!! You beat me to it, what was the program you'd used to capture. Beautiful.

    P.S. Music would be nice.
    Haha thx! Nice to hear that you like it.
    I've used the program Auto Screen Recorder.

    Yeah I thought about that too... Maybe I'll add some music to the next video
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    Quote Originally Posted by spornybol View Post
    with no Champs league this season and getting K`O,d in prelim of cup i`v made a tidy 599 million profit so far this season
    772 million profit for me, oh and a 4th defeat so tank it is!!
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    You SUCK!

    Quote Originally Posted by Philip L. Willis View Post
    I'm Special!

    So I get 2 injuries first day of the injury season! YEAH! I had 5 injuries all season long before this.

    I AM SO HAPPY! THANK YOU! your Evilness Lord Jose Morinhoseux.
    Day two of injury season, 4 days each for my AMC and DMC, I am not making this up guys, 4 injuries in two days, progressively worst injuries, at this rate I won't be able to field 11 soon.

    I am leading the league by 5 pts, I really don't need this cr@p right now. I have 31 reds in lieu of this, I will use 12 tomorrow as I need my AMC in reserve for tomorrows game, facing the league number two, big match, make or break.


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    well, few days ago i try to sell players with 4*, why i can?

    Player ages is around 23-29
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    League: Buffs FC keep up the fight to try to pressurise the leader but its not easy. A 2-1 home win keeps the Buffs in joint second, 5 pts off the leader.

    Stress? well Buffs Mad has just announced a new deal with 'Just for Men'.

    The opposition emerged in a 4-1-3N-2 and the Buffs went 4-3N-2W-1. The Buffs were behind in 19mins when McGregor flapped at a hopeful shot from distance. Buffs wingers were not seein much of the ball so DL McMcLeish took the initiative with a break out of defence, switched the ball to DR Gough and then got on the end of Gough's cross to poke it home. Souness left it late to pick up the Buffs' mandatory yellow card on 44 mins. Bobby Murdoch replaced the hot-head at HT. On 48 mins Denis Law curled a FK in off the back peg for a 2-1 lead.

    The Buffs were in control: the visitors still threatened but it was infrequent. Law had 2 more FKs in rapid succession to make it safe but missed the target with the first and GK saved the other. Buffs Mad brought Law off and sent on Ally McCoist - just before the opposition changed to 4-3N-3. It was the 77th minute when the Buffs reformed to 4-1-4-1 and controlled the clock for a 2-1 win.

    Goals: McNeill (26), Law (48).

    After the 2 loss, 2 draw, 1 win start to the season and a stuttering climb up the table with 5 more draws the Buffs are now ramping up the pressure. Is it too late? Probably but not much else to be done other than fight.

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    "When Nordeus won't let you play your "B" team against a weak team" #justtopeleventhings
    Just as well I was watching the match. Just like I did previously, changed and put my big players in and it turned it around. Kenny making decisive passes for days!

    Season 57-screenshot008.jpg

    Other big game was this one. Last time I drew against this team. Managed to pull the win despite having an injured player. He's only out for two days so I'm not complaining... Kenny keeps on being the beast that he is.

    Season 57-screenshot009.jpg


    Season 57-screenshot010.jpg

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    Today away win against a very strong opponent.
    Season 57-screenshot_4.jpg
    Season 57-screenshot_1.jpg

    Season 57-screenshot_2.jpg

    Tabel, for now very good 4. position in the league
    Season 57-screenshot_3.jpg

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    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! !!

    I had a feeling...

    this thing called intuition... the match started... and I went to options... and put the DR, T Kaya for the fouls.... and he scored

    after that... a second foul... he fail... so I changed.... put the DC... A Bakolas.... he shoot... and Gk save the ball... well save... to corner...
    Harvey, the new ST... shoot the corner... and Bakolas with the head score

    0-2 for ma girls in the cup and the 3 new players I bought to try to win the treble were the key :P
    was a very, ver very good idea wait to the end of the season to do an investment to have a better team to try the treble.
    Really, is the better option, when one see the situation, when one see that is in the Rouns of 16 of the Cup and CL and 1st in the league, when one have to see the options, and maybe, if see it clear, waste this cash to have 2 or 3 players that can be a key for the team.

    I'm so happy coz we won the 2nd of league and won 0-2 in Cup today :P

    ma girls 2 seasons ago won Cup + Champions League and now if all goes right tomorrow, can have League for sure now, + 2 finals

    "The only thing I need is a treble"

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    Galactico FC update:

    League: This was a must win game for the Galacticos to keep the pressure on the leader and Rabbs FC in 3rd place as they both play against each other later in the day.

    A win it was as the Galacticos claimed a 2-0 victory against 10th. The other crunch game was a surprise defeat for the the leader as they lost to Rabbs FC to spice the title race up to a great showdown between three teams. The Galacticos now remain 4 points behind the leader and Rabbs FC in 3rd is equal on points with the Galacticos but with a much inferior goal difference both are still yet to play in the 2nd fixture in the league. This would add to the excitement to the closure of the Season 7 title. The Galacticos must now continue this great run to ave a great chance of capturing the title of their rivals grasp.

    Goals: (Template stole from Buffs FC) MC Enasoaie 52' | MR Milovanovic 84'
    Highlights: Injury - MC Kosmala 31'

    Cup: The Galacticos also triumphed 2-0 at home against FK Sport Machine with a superb display to put them with one foot on the cup final. It rounds of a fantastic day and keeps the Galacticos on course for a likely two final appearances.

    Goals: ST Lier 56' 62'
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    Quote Originally Posted by FakiniZg View Post
    well, few days ago i try to sell players with 4*, why i can?

    Player ages is around 23-29

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