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Thread: Ridiculus draws

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    Tactician- I think that it is good that the game don't react too much to in-game changes!

    There is a saying that a coach's real job take place between games, and when the game starts most of the job has been done. In real soccer, how much can a coach affect the game in reality after it started? Its very little. Very very little. It is not what you are saying, but I would not like this game to be like a chess game were a game is a duel against the opponent where both guys change orders back and forth during games. In that perspective, I think that it is good that the game isn't too reactive to changes in the game.
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    sorry i have to disagree with you. whats the point of watching when you cannot get involve in changing your team tactic and order in between game.the game is to out smart your oppo which usually happen in between game.
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    There are two things.

    (1) being reactive (or responsive) enough

    (2) being reactive (or responsive) appropriately

    The game did not satisfy both of them recently in test matches that I have done, which is why I described the matches as being on playback. The game was numb. But, in a period before, both (1) and (2) were satisfied, though there were some flaws that caused some non-appropriate reactions that sometimes were 'fatal'.

    Now, you can just sit back and eat peanuts. Most of what would be the outcomes on overall have already been decided way before the match has actually shown to play. What you see in the highlights are set-ups to fool you - what I described as on playback, that is, things that will be shown to happen soon or later no matter what you did during the match. If it has been decided beforehand that the other team will win, it will, no matter what unless there is a failure. Goals will come even in the last minutes if required or even the GK will score goals. One team might get 1 red card and even 2 red cards, and it will still win. There is no football sense at all in terms of what you have done as a manager and what is shown to happen on the pitch, and there no sense at all in what seemed to be the 'right' order combinations to be used. But, not all managers will complain about this (and many won't even notice those things), especially those that were not used to do much 'in the office or on the touch-line'. The game now is to their advantage, and it is even to the advantage of those 'auto-mode' teams. This is why I said maybe this change was made because of those complaints that came from certain type of managers that were losing to lower quality teams due to their poor management or poor tactics. But for managers like me, the game lost its purpose; it is no longer worth playing it, because we are a different type of manager - managers that will want to be able to change the course of a game with a tactical switch or a logical modification. We want to win matches, but by merit, by football logic, by skill, by tactics, by hard work but surely not by drawing cards or by pre-determined results.
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    No, till here Tactician.

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