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    In your threads, administrating things up!

    Question Team % Bonuses - Your favorite?

    I had a discussion with some of the colleagues.

    Who prefers to use what team bonus?

    This definitely has a lot to do with what your Squad formation and mentality are but... I actually have a favorite one that I always use for at least the first half of the match - The Condition bonus.

    Oh yes... I absolutely love this one. I normally play with an "Attack" mentality and a few seasons ago tried out the Condition bonus. Never actually activated it before that. Had to try it out eventually. See how much Condition my players would retain during the 1st half. Experiment.

    I was pleasantly surprised to say the least...

    These days with my usual 8% Condition Bonus (Ye I hardly keep my bonuses at 10... Slacking off this season, meh. T_T), my guys barely drop in condition which gets me safely to the 2nd half where, after trying to figure out what my opponent ordered his team to do I decide to either go all out or be reserved and hold back as best as I can while trying to snipe a goal via some counterattack play.

    Either way, I've noticed that at least for my Squad, keeping their condition as high as possible for as long as possible lets me be able to turn the table later on.

    What about you? Any favorites out of the four bonuses? Or are you a bit more articulate than me and actually switch between them a lot during a match?
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    Great stuff Jeeves!

    I normally use Attacking.

    Why? First of all. I am not sure how the bonuses work. But I believe they increase certain abilities for the players. Like if you activate attacking and have 10% bonus, a player that you have with 100 in shooting will get 115 instead. Attacking is my team's best ability. If my understanding of how the bonus works is correct, my team would get the biggest gain overall from activating the attack bonus. Like, if I have 150 in attacking 125 in conditioning and 100 in defense, 5% more in attack gives me an overall game of 0.05x150=7.5, in conditioning 0.05x125=6.25 and in defense 0.05x100=5. The 7.5 gain in attacking I would get is 2.5 higher than the gain I would get from defense, could be somewhat significant.

    OTOH, I realize this might be more complexed as I am writing this. Again, why? How does the Fitness ability work? Let's say a player have 100% in the ability Fitness, he has 80% in Condition after some training. What impact does that have? I think it's reasonable to assume that the Condition of a player with some kind of factor affects -- all -- abilities. Like I have no clue about what the factor actually is, doubt it's 1:1 (like that a player that shoots 100 only will shoot 100*0.8 if his Condition is at 80%), but something like that. Its also reasonable to assume that a player with high ability fitness will loose less conditioning during a game. Right? Will a player with 150% in Fitness maybe loose half the Conditon during a game compared to a player with 100% Fitness? I am going to do some tests with this. Anyway, what I am getting at is that if this is the result -- using the Condition Bonus would give 5% bonus to fitness, higher fitness decreases the Condition loss, which would have a positive affect on -- all -- abilities. Ie there would be a cumulative gain from activating conditioning. I think I am going to start trying that more!

    What do you guys think?
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    I found if you don't use any arrow then you don't need to use condition bonus, instead I can use either attack or def. on first half, I see arrow tier player little firster. I use condition bonus on second half if I have second match on the same day and not have enough recovery time.
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    I haven't a favorite, because I depends on my formation, my tactic and my opponent... and how the game goes.

    BUT... I hate Defence... because it never worked for me. Every time, I used it, I conceeded one or more goals. And it's not me. My wife and my cousine also don't use it, because thy conceed goals, if they use it.
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    Attack ALL the time ! Best defense is attack ! Woooooooooo
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    First time bonus ATTACK
    Second time bonus CONDITION
    Third time, either attack when I am behind or Condition again.

    Overall win% is about 90% with both my teams. I never use defense or posession to be honest.
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    Most of time I use condition bonus, for me it works perfect almost always and especially against stronger opponents using 451v,man-to-man,defense (hard defense) my wingers are running for 90 minutes and their condition is pretty good after the game ☺

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    No offense Jeeves but this is more like a poll that RageRocker likes to do (no offense too )
    What can make this forum more attractive, is a TE guy coming from time to time and give us some hints about the game.
    So, would you please ask some devs,
    What's the difference when we 're setting Hard Attack from + attack bonus ?
    Is (and how) the + attack bonus affects the efficiency of our players ?
    Is there some signs that the bonus really affects our team or can we understand if our opponent activated ?
    What is happening when we 're in defense but we tab the attack bonus ? (or the opposite)
    To score I mean in a counter attack or when we 're attacking, our defense to be more tough vs oppo counters .

    We just want some tips, hints, not the calculation of the game.

    * and btw , I really like to read how you 're playing
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    We just want some tips, hints, not the calculation of the game.
    Nah, I'll take formulas! Bet Al wants them, too.

    If I'm the stronger team all around, I've been using the condition first, attack bonus later as needed approach.
    If I am against a tough team, I'll use possession bonus to make sure I'm not out of possession too much. That's first priority in correcting the balance if I don't have 60% possession or so.

    I have played a lot with only attacking bonus start to finish and wonder from other managers who play attack or condition+attack : Do you notice less skill points gained after games using condition bonus? as compared to using attacking throughout.
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    to be honest i dont know if it work or have effect as i cant tell using it and not. like you say condition work on your team and from someone like you(jeeves) then it must have some effect.
    i use attack from the first min till i can get a goal try to kill the game early. then use condition to hold on, attack again if need to. how do we tell if its working? i try playing without using bonus still manage to win dont know if my oppo using it.
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