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Thread: Ridiculous results, when will it stop?

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    I'm starting to think that maybe you got your tactics and formation wrong. Why do I think that? Because I've just beaten a team 3-0, and they were rated 114.7% and I'm only 88.6%. That 26.1% difference.

    His team was far stronger than mine, but it looks like he set up his team badly. He had a 3-1-1-4-1 formation:

    That formation is unbalanced. Defence is too spread out. Only one midfielder. Attack overloaded, so they don't have players available to defend.

    My formation was this:

    That's right. I didn't even bother with a striker. I played defensive. I played through the middle since they only had 2 midfielders - I placed my ML & MR closer to the MC's. I played counterattack, but "play offside trap" to 'OFF' because their players are good and will beat the offside trap if I try it.

    Going back to your game...

    You had a formation like this:

    I notice that your weakest player is an MC - that's bad.
    Your midfield should be the strongest part of the team - they are the engine of the team.
    I know this game isn't real life, but in real football it's the guys doing all the hard work in the 'engine room' that allows players like Messi and Ronaldo to do their magic. Look at Liverpool... they have Henderson, a player most teams would never want. But he's arguably the most influential player because he orchestrates everything. He has a great passing rate, he generally passes across or forward but almost never backwards. And he puts in the tackles.

    Your MC is weak. And you only have 2 midfielders, not even an ML & MR.
    Your team is much stronger and the ooposition don't have players in the AMC position, so it's odd that you chose to play a DMC.
    Your DMC is redundant, so you basically played 10 mean against their 11 lol.

    Your team is basically PSG Lite - stacked with talent, but unbalanced.
    You need to set up more like Bayern or Liverpool.
    Think more about formation and tactics, less about the fact your team has 'big stars'.
    After all, it's a team game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by minamino View Post
    since over the past 18 months (when nordeus screwed up the engine) any team more than 30% weaker than you is likely to see 0-0 at half time and a few late goals to cheer you up at the end. yes it's rediclous. it never used to be like that. only have to go back 2 years and all these games were scoring festivals with 15-0 wins. not anymore. just like nordeus protect TANKERS they now protect ABANDONNED and run down crap teams. it's beyond me why they do it but it isn't acceptable. it's a kick in the teeth when you get trolled by these clown developpers that nordeus employ
    They don't protect abandon team, how many games in real football you see with socres higher than 7-0?

    This year in the premier legaue the largest result was a 9-0 from Leichester to Southampton, currently the 3rd (but surely not the strongest team) and the 13th

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