Another season, another quad.
Star player is GK (AM would be fuming with disbelief with his 98 goals ), as he has kept an amazing 78 consecutive league clean sheets, hence a total shut-out for 3 full seasons since joining, plus hopefully winning 2 forum PK event prizes along the way. Hope his luck goes on for longer - it only takes 1 single FK, CK or even PK to end it.

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Season 141 - Are you ready?-998708-b2-fc53-4-dd3-84-ac-6-b58-cb68-f4-e4.jpg
Season 141 - Are you ready?-c9-e74-a12-bd39-49-fe-aec0-1123-cd549044.jpg
Season 141 - Are you ready?-d6127177-d594-485-aa72-880-dea5-e313-e.jpg

Association has also performed admirably with 3 first places finishing in gold1, with my team contributing 39 points out of a max 48 available (13 wins in 16). Will be promoting to platinum with over 1450+ points.

Second team has won the double with a round 25 overtake (then-leader topped the table for 24 rounds) despite trailing 2-0 in 30 mins and then hitting the FK winner on 86th minute, even when that team bought 4 scouts in week 1 with a 10%+ advantage in both ties and my team is relying on young auction players to improve on whites to compete. Looks to change to another gold1 association with 2nd team as current one is half inactive.