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Thread: A Guide for fast trainers

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    Of course you must test them. Performing is the most important. Every manager of course has his one way playing, his target and goals.
    In my case, knowing that those players aren't fast trainers, I would be very demanding. Meaning that I would expect not only good rates but some goals as well. Because that's the job of a striker
    Let me sow you my STs

    My main ST, NEYMAR, a fast trainer I bought 6-7 seasons ago (and gave him sa one-to-one). What can I say for him. Just saving greens to make him last as he can
    A Guide for fast trainers-day-14-st-neymar-.jpg

    My second ST, ADEMIR. A fast trainer I bought this season and also gave him one-to-one sa. He looks promising, having good stats as goals also.
    A Guide for fast trainers-day-14-st-ademir.jpg

    BEBETO, a second class nordgen, not so fast. He had good rates but he doesn't scores much. I have him as a replacement of NEYMAR in easy games. I 'm gonna sell him by the end of the season.
    A Guide for fast trainers-day-14-st-bebeto.jpg

    ZARDEL, same case (an ex- scout list player). Good rates but not enough goals. Same as BEBETO, a sub. Gonna sell him too in the end of the season.
    A Guide for fast trainers-day-14-st-zardel.jpg

    So, it depends from your target, strategy and what else you have at that time.
    So test them , train them but don't give them sp and make them 6* players so you can sell them easy if you want later.

    * test them in official games. Friendly games don't give you reliable conclusions.
    ... I want to keep him because of his Attacking attributes
    Don't take it for granted.
    As you can see, I prefer to give skill points to my ST, mostly to attack and M&P ,but this doesn't make every ST better.
    ADEMIR for example has more balanced skills than ZARDEL or BEBETO but he is a better scorer.
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    You said not to give them SP why ??

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    - Its easier to sell a player q9 or q4 and it may cause a small bidding war, so if you have a player lIke him and have some extra sp, count them before give them to him (he 'll be q0 or q5). Better waste them. Those are the most difficult to sell, players.
    If your ST doesn't perform good and you want to sell him, if you 'll give him some earned sp, he 'll become q155 and 6*.
    Then it's hard to sell him. So you must count how many sp he needs to be q155.
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    Oh okay thanks a lot

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    Lv11 p43 "In the middle of the season"

    I usually don't buy fast trainers in the middle of the season, but now I 'm in a difficult situation.
    I sold one MC, fast trainer, in the beginning of the season because he was playing badly, I had two, but now, beside that I 'm in 16 of CH.L., I have also past in 8, in the Cup. This was good but unexpected, so I have not enough MC for back up.
    So today, I was lucky and found a fast trainer - Singer.

    A Guide for fast trainers-nordgen-singer.jpg

    I bought with 1T and start the training. He is good as I expected - about 1 sp earning in 3 bars, practice.
    A Guide for fast trainers-singer-training-4-20.jpg

    He looks good performer too. He got two 7s today, in a league and a Cup game.
    The problem with MCs is that it's difficult to find good performers.
    Another thing is that I don't know if and what special ability I could give him. I have in my team players for free-kicks and corners and I didn't find any other useful sa for MCs.
    Anyway, I 'll wait for few more games and I will not change (at the moment) his name to a Brazilian as I do with players I 'm keeping for some seasons.
    He is gonna keep his name - but is Sam Singer a Scottish name ?
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    Singer will have come to Scotland from England where there were more names derived from occupations.

    Trains well. Will be good if he can keep up around 90 when 6*.

    Don't give him an SA since, like you said, you've got long term CK and FK takers; only other option is Playmaker to raise his Yellow Card stats.

    PS. I broke my recent habit of 1 Season Wonder MCs when 2 youngsters screamed "buy me" and I did. And in usual T11 fashion the leftie prefers the right and the rightie prefers the left >.< (Actually the rightie likes the right too but I'm not one to let the facts get in the way of making a point).

    If I get a decent run of booster vids I'll add some 7* numbers/screenies before the Season ends.

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    Nice guide topic, thanks u.
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    LV11 p44 Fast trainers and marketing analysis

    Well, the last one is an interesting case to make a marketing analysis.
    What’s the case ?
    I bought a MC, a fast trainer. MC is the most difficult position for a player to perform good. My MC has a very high value for this lv, has no special ability and if he will be good player I ‘m gonna keep him for some seasons or else I must sell him before the ending because I want to go with a lesser quality in the next lv (Cup reasons).

    Let’s swim in some deep water.
    I‘m gonna use two tools of marketing.

    Marketing mix - the 4 p

    A Guide for fast trainers-marketing-4ps.jpg

    Product :
    - I have a MC, with only one position (as all the MCs have when starting), young, 18 y.o., with high value.
    -If this player is still 5* (but with Q9), managers from my lv also can buy him. If he‘s gonna be 6* (but probably with low Q) , only managers from lv above can buy him so he won’t be so attractive.
    -In the next games, this player will have bad/medium or good rates.

    Place :
    -Transfer Market, is the one but in that case also important is the time. Now, we ‘re after the middle of the season, so managers are less willing to spend a lot of money for a player or fast trainer, unlike the beginning of the season.
    -Negotiation list is another place for selling and that means I must stop giving him sp if he reach 1 sp from the 6*.
    To tell you the truth, I ‘m little disappointed from nego list so far. A had in nego list good players, with sa too, but I didn’t had many good offers except from one case I got 10T

    Promotion :
    -Things to do about promotion is to give my MC a special ability, which is very attractive in TM or an extra position like DMC/AMC. But of course this needs extra sp and greens too
    -Also, if I want to sell him, maybe I could do a big discount in his price but the question is if the managers who are watching the TM gonna recognize this big discount
    -Another thing for promotion is to rename this player (with 1T) and make him Iniesta or Ozil but I don’t know if this thing working in lv11.

    Another marketing tool is the SWOT analysis. SWOT meaning Strong, Weak points, Opportunities, Threats.
    A Guide for fast trainers-marketing-swot-analysis.jpg

    Let’s examine them :

    Strong points :
    -He is a young 5* player
    -he is fast trainer
    -maybe he ‘ll have good stats.

    Weak points :
    -He costs a lot of money for this level
    -he has no sa
    -it’s not the beginning of the season where you can sell anyone
    -maybe he ‘ll have medium or bad rates after some games

    Opportunities :
    -To give him sp, -1 from the next star so I can put him in negotiation list and maybe get some T too
    -he can gather easily sp from training so I could give him a special ability
    -being attractive for some manager who wants him for a next knock out game in the Cup or CH.L.
    -for a manager who’s gonna stay in the same lv this season

    Threats :
    -This last category of managers usually doesn’t have a lot of money
    -Many managers cannot recognize that expensive players are the fast trainers
    -Managers who know that expensive players are fast trainers, maybe thinking that he is an academy player and not a nordgen because they don’t know his performance in training and don’t know what lv I am .

    So, after all above, my tactic is to test him how he ‘ll perform in games, not to give him sp to reach the 6* and if I want to sell him the last days, give him a special ability like F-K specialist or Corner specialist (which needs 40 sp) to make him more attractive for his price * after trying to sell him few times.
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    My MC have wage 4K and 9,3M value, so his TR factor is 2325. Is he a fast trainer?

    With 40% of condition he get 4 skill points.

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    I know that my guide is too big but if someone want to go deeper in this subject, must read them all
    You can keep notes if you want - you know, make some .doc of your own and copy/paste there.
    So, somewhere there , I write that only the first values of the player when he comes in the market/game/academy, counts.
    If you add sp, the Value increasing while wage not. Then we have a different factor that it's not the original anymore.
    In another post I write that there are some players in the market, that they have a "fake" wage because of a bug of the game.
    So, we have another "wrong" factor.
    If I remember well, when I gave the sp to my player and refresh, the real wage appeared.
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