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Thread: Individual Training Planner

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    This is a great thread, as a new player of 2 weeks or so i find this very useful in building my training strategy. Thanks!
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    Guys, any hope for using those files under iOS? 😩

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxcatl View Post
    Here's a list of all key skills and all "clean" drills (that don't train grey skills) for every single position. And also leftovers -- key skills that you can't train to this position without training at least one grey skill. If your player has several positions, he also has key skills and clean drills from all of them, plus probably a couple clean drills more. Use ITP if you wish to know all the clean drills for any combination of positions, and stuff.
    Goalkeeper Training drill is good for everyone, so I don't include it.

    Clean drills: Set-piece Delivery, Wing Play, 1-on-1 Finishing, Defending Crosses, Hold the Line
    Leftovers: Fit-
    So Goalkeeper Training isn't recommended for efficiently training a goalkeeper?

    I usually train my entire squad together with a broad regimen which doesn't include Goalkeeper Training (because it's illogical to train those skills to outfield players), although occasionally I do focus on individual positions / players to give them a boost, in which case my keepers do GT. So I'm even more baffled now as to why my goalkeeper of about 5 or 6 seasons, who is rated at 6 stars (100%), has such poor goalkeeping skills but great Fitness and Communication.
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    throwing 61
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    punching 58
    aerial reach 98
    concentration 49 !

    fitness 171!

    PS I'm at Level 91 and have never used the Goalkeeper Training trick as I didn't know it until just now!
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    ^^Gk training trick has been patched, training system has changed, Toxcatl has stopped playing t11 xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by madflo19 View Post
    ^^Gk training trick has been patched, training system has changed, Toxcatl has stopped playing t11 xD
    He sent me greetings a month ago, he is good.
    He 's not thinking of return.
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    The Case

    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    He sent me greetings a month ago, he is good.
    He 's not thinking of return.
    Dear Friends;

    First of all, i appreciate to Toxcatl. ITP is really genius and usefull tool.

    I realized a meaningless case and need your valuable comments.

    I've a ML-DL player who 18 ages, 61 quality. Detailed skills are below;

    Tack: 74%
    Marking : 59%
    Pos : 62%
    Passing : 76%
    Dribb: 76%
    Cross: 47%
    Fitness: 67%
    Aggre: 74%
    Speed : 77%

    My Training setup on ITP tool are below;

    P, G & S! : 2
    Press the Play : 2
    Warm-Up : 2
    Fast C-Attacks : 1
    Piggy in the Mid : 1
    Stretch : 2
    Skill Drill : 1
    GK Training : 1
    Sprint : 1
    Shooting Tech : 1
    Use Your Head : 1
    Carioca : 1

    Finally, my indiviaul traninig programme screeshot is attached. After this training combination, total performance gain of my player is zero.

    What is wrong with my actions?

    Best Regards
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