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Thread: hard coded injures just so you spend more

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoHearts View Post
    Yup! ^^^^^^^^^ til they fix **** like this I will run as non token buyer, I can afford to buy them, but I rather give that money better use, like me there are many managers in same boat, Nordeus is only hurting Nordeus.
    Likewise! ... Will run my current team until they either retire OR die... need to balance the odds and Im already looking for a good alternative - someone that will appreciate the money i want to spend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barnes10 View Post
    Just had 3 ****ing players injured in one game again because of bad tackles. I now have no subs.

    How ridiculously stupid and greedy is that ? It just turns people away from the game which in effect reduces revenue. False economy, counter productive...basically a terrible game.
    So you are blaming the game engine for the hard tackling tactics of your opponent.
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    Well they were due to tackles, not fitness. It's the third or fourth time in the space of a couple of weeks where three players have been injured in one match, to the extent that i have no fit substitutes.

    Quite frankly that's ridiculous. Todays injuries were 7, 4 and 2 days.

    I'm not acquiring more packs and will watch to see what happens. Is the game that flawed that it will injure more players resulting in being unable to field an XI ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KoHearts View Post
    And it's a real shame, this game has mass potential to become legendary with the Facebook traffic, their greed and lack of dedication to their programing is sickening.
    You're absolutely right, programmers don't give a **** on the game.

    There're a thousands of token buyers on T11. The huge profits are there, why do they care to improve the game? They need a lot of injuries to make money, it's so hard to understand this?!... Not for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razz View Post
    oh, btw: check this

    "Top Eleven Football Manager FAQ

    By the zed on official forum

    11. Injured players?
    As far as player injuries, the game started with injury statistics from Premier League, a lot of people have complained and since then that number has been reduced by 3 times.
    Also, injuries at training do depend on the age of players, the older they are the more likely they are to get injured."

    So, cracicot et al, who "called me" on it ... there's my cards.
    Called, raised, and all in.
    you can proof me even some M.I.T. study about it,
    In italy we have 20 teams in the serie A, and there are NOT 40 injuries a week. It is not nearly even half of that.

    Your statistics take place with even light fevers, hemorroids or whatever else.

    Another point: whenever you finish up your 3 subs, 95% of times one will injure.

    ANother point: the lab's construction and leveling SEEMS like a good thing when you start playing, and basically it should be. Point is that it erases short times injuries and "limits" long times duration's ones. So after i'd say 5-6 levels, whenever one player injures you know already before checking that you have 25% of chanches of the injury being 2 days, and 75% of it being from 5 days up.

    Another point: since Season two, each season my injury rate doubled, let alone that i never changed my method of training. I'd like to know how's that possible, to progress through higher leveled facilities, grass, fighting less hard tackling style teams, and cap 50 injuries in 28 days.

    Point is that the more we play, the more they raise rates.
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    You guys are forgetting one key component in your calculations, here we can only have 22 man roster, they should either adjust to EPL roster size or recalculate the whole thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cracicot View Post
    Based on the amount of injuries I have seen JUST ON THIS FORUM and what I have experienced myself on 5 accounts, the injuries FAR EXCEED those of the premier league. they say they have reduced it by 3X, but reduced it from what starting point?

    The avg amount of weeks for a team in the EPL was 155. So in T11 terms, that is 155 days worth of injuries. My lvl 6 team had 56 days worth of injuries. That is 3X less than the EPL avg, which actually coincides with what T11 is saying. BUT, I would consider myself below avg in terms of injuries for my team based on what others have experienced. I have had seasons where I have had 6-7 injuries at the same time.
    Is that realistic, or merely a perception? When your sample (those who are posting here in the forum) is skewed to those complaining, then isn't it just as likely that your personal experience is the norm?

    And am I missing something? You equate 1 T11 day to a week IRL ... shouldn't it be 1 T11 day = 10 days real life? (28:300)????

    I may have exaggerated my numbers at the start of this, but I have since researched it a bit and have had to change my view on injuries. I have underestimated the amount of injuries in the EPL, but I have not overestimated the amount of injuries in T11.

    Let me put it this way: If you add up all the days for your injuries and come up with less than 155 days, then you are below the 2012/2013 EPL avg. For example, Stoke City had 80 weeks(T11 days), while Newcastle had 274!!! Remember, I had 56 days, so based on what I have seen, the injury rate in T11 is close to simulating the EPL. I really hated to say that.
    And that's why I respect you. I'll disagree with you at times, and I think you're a bit over the top with your criticism, but you are willing to admit when you're wrong, and more important, you actually back up your words with deeds. You've posted a few very interesting threads exploring various aspects of the game, and that's cool.

    BUT, and this is a bit J-LO butt, I need more numbers from people in order to be able to get a better comparison. The only thing I can say now, is that this is not real life, and although they try to simulate real football, they need to be more consistent with all aspects of football and not just injuries. Results vs LOL teams, formations and tactics, morale, training....they really need to work on these.

    The problem is not the amount of injuries, but how they happen and when. I can take the injuries as part and parcel of the game, if you dont, you are a fool. BUT, it is just a bit suspicious when you purchase a great player and they immediately get injured in a game and then you heal them, and they get immediately re-injured. I have had that happen a few times. Not only that, but it looks like they target specific players in order to get you to waste red bags.

    Because of the suspicious actions of Nordeus and their natural corporate greed, it is fair to assume that this is programmed to happen in order to increase profits. Whether it is true that they simulate real injury statistics is still up for debate as I dont have enough statistics from T11 to confirm or deny these statements. This forum is but a small sample of the large population, but it should give enough stats to allow us an idea on whether injuries are exceeding the norm.
    Red packs and instant healing are definitely not realistic. As others have pointed out, using them for healing seems to increase the chances of a reinjury. My suspicion is that hard attacking mentality increases injury chance as well. Nailing down actual numbers for T11 will be a bitch. You'd have to track as many factors as possible of team mentality, tackling style, player condition, player morale, amount of training, how red packs are used, etc. And realistically, there are people who will, well, lie about that if the results start showing something different than they want them to.
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    Dude like your name your dreaming and i wonder if your getting back handers! your stats are way off and the the injuries are not realistic in timespan against a full season. i get injuries every match at least 1. i no longer buy any packs as its pathetic to think i will keep failing for there scam without figuring it out. my upgrades are far better yet i get longer and worse injuries than when i started and far more! and not eve changed my playing style. There will always be someone like you just to say this **** to wind people up yet we all know football in real terms. its those real terms over 20 years or more than watching and knowing football which makes us all experts in a way and we know full way there injuries are far more than they need to be and it is for the basic reason like all games these days to scam you out of your earned money. because the people that run the company are not developers! but bankers and businessman! They listen to accountants and what they can acceptably screw us over with and push to a limit. people are not stupid to know this or be able to know economics 101. But pawning off those figures can be done as simply as making stuff up out of thin air. NOt even that but what your suggestion if i used the game mechanics into a real season i would only have 5 players left in the team to play with! because now i have had 10 injuries! and its only day 4! using the same play by play into the real world i would have to sack my physio and medical staff! club will go bankrupt as i wont have a playable team!

    so stop dreaming!
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    Just to note, I think there are more injuries in football than we generally realise - especially in training

    However, the rate of injuries in matches is a bit silly. I've played hard tackling twice in my last ten games and both times I took out three of the opposition's players. That is something you rarely see in a proper game

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    Article from the 2011/2012 EPL season.

    Manchester City top the ‘injury league’, with Manchester United bottom | Alex Miller | Independent Editor's choice Blogs

    Take from what it what you will, but the worst hit team (Manchester United) had 39 injuries with each taking an "average" of 43.1 days. Compare that to what we have in Top Eleven ... the 2013-2014 EPL season will last 268 days (will assume that's how long the 2011-2012 season lasted as i'm too lazy to check). They also fielded 34 players who played at least 5 games (including league, cups, europe).

    So a little translation to Top eleven would roughly give - 39 injuries for 34 players would be the equivalent of 25 injuries for 22 players. Also, the average length would be - 43.1 days in a season lasting 268 days would be equivalent to about 4.5 days for a 28 day season.

    HUGE DISCLAIMER TO THIS - Man United's injury record for this season was pretty damn terrible as pointed out in this extract of the article listed above

    "Conversely, Manchester United’s season was blighted by an exhaustive injury list including a ruptured cruciate ligament to captain Nemanja Vidic in December. The Old Trafford club suffered more significant injuries than any other clubs (an astonishing 39 of them), losing the players involved for a combined total of 1,681 days.

    Michael Owen was the player missing the single longest spell for one single injury: 193 days for a thigh problem between November and May, although three other players also had at least one injury sidelining them for more than 100 days: Vidic’s ligament damage kept him out for 158 days, Darren Fletcher’s bowel illness means he missed 152 days and Tom Cleverley’s ankle problem kept him out for 102 days.

    The following United players each had one or more ‘significant’ injuries that kept them out for at least 14 days each time: Anderson, Dimitar Berbatov, Tom Cleverley, Ritchie De Laet, Jonny Evans, Fabio, Rio Ferdinand, Darren Fletcher, Darron Gibson, Ryan Giggs, Javier Hernandez, Phil Jones, Anders Lindegaard, Federico Macheda, Nani, Michael Owen, Rafael, Wayne Rooney, Chris Smalling, Antonio Valencia, Nemanja Vidic, Danny Welbeck, Ashley Young."

    Personally, I don't think any average team should get anywhere near this; the teams in the middle of that injury table had approximately 20 injuries each with an average of about 40 days. Which is a lot less (injury occurrence wise) than the example listed above.
    So if we're comparing to the EPL at least ... we should be averaging about 10-15 injuries a season (matches only) with each injury averaging at about 4-5 days.

    Please note, these are my own conclusions and any simulation is not going to be wholly accurate or realistic (not even FM/CM can be classed as such).

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