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    I also do not like that players in pitch in setup are displayed only by their numbers.

    I made a mistake and I could not remember the numbers of my players...

    And things got a bit difficult I must say

    @Tasos I just say lol for what you said and I will stop because it is useless
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    Quote Originally Posted by SausyFC View Post
    Hey Hairdryer.

    Can you provide more info? You had an MC as one of 3 roles and one is missing?
    ok now i have it back already thk except for my aml below is the pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casper™ View Post
    If you want one player is playing more inside or outside the position that he plays in the intented area.
    does this (inside and outside positioning in box) actually affect the gameplay and if so how? So far, this variant was not available in past time.

    in any case, the color of the box does not change.
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    Can people calm down. It's a game. Saucy is trying to help. No abuse please.

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    My aml played full match in centerl position mc why

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerniceguy View Post
    Can people calm down. It's a game. Saucy is trying to help. No abuse please.

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    We are trying to help, he is just the support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parv436 View Post
    My aml played full match in centerl position mc why
    @Parv @brolly, the next Live Match, can you take a screenshot for me please? It would be a big help.

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    still have some players miss 3rd role.

    3 of my player have dml/dmr 3rd role, after fiixed they still don't have dl/dl 3rd role instead.

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    Problems with the new formation screen:

    1) Doesn't show what positions players are trained for if they are on the pitch (underneath the subs you can still see their positions)

    2) Color blind people cannot see the difference of brighter area on the formation screen! I am colorblind so the green grass isnt green for me from the get-go. To see how good a player is in a position, I have to move him around the pitch to see how the color of the pitch changes. But none of the changes can be seen by my eyes!

    3) The formation screen is horizontal, not vertical! Vertical formation screens is what everyone uses in football - in real life, in online games and on Football Manager. There's a reason for that - it is much easier to get a good grip on your tactics when you can see the formation vertically.

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    Saucy... what's with the wastes greens, if you had already a DR/DMR? And what with the waste skill points, what also costs a lot of T/greens?

    I want a clear anwer, if you just stealing (and in this case, it's stolen) or you compensate that?
    (and again, I don't talk about the cap... the cap and this are two completly different things!!)
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