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    Share your training schedule

    Hey Everyone!

    Here and there I’ve been sharing my preferred way to train my squad. Based on how far in to the season I am, what’s the overall quality of my players, am I going to forfeit matches, etc, etc.

    So this got me thinking. How are you training your squads?

    Do you just go with it, or do you have any specific strategy for the season? Undoubtedly, training is one of the most important parts of Top Eleven, as it not only lets your players increase their overall quality but you also get team bonuses in attack, defense, possession, and condition.

    So what do you think? What have you noticed? Is it more beneficial for your team to just slap on some drills and call it a day or do you segregate specific players or certain positions and roles, e.g., All defenders then all Mids and STs? Or maybe you train your whole team together? Or perhaps just the main 11 and then the substitutes? What intensity do you chose for the training sessions? Do you balance between how hard drills are and how much benefit they provide your players with? Do you tend to keep your bonuses at 10%?

    Lot’s of questions there. And equally as many training styles and strategies! 

    So managers? How do you train your players?

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    In the morning to get the bonuses to 10:

    GK+GK+DMC+DMC+DMC+AML+AMR+AMC: Pass, Go & Shoot/Skill/Defending Crosses/Video Analysis/Warm-Up/Stretch = 7.5% condition loss.
    DC+DC+DC+DC+MC+MC+MC+MC: Pass, Go & Shoot/Piggy in the Middle/Use Your Head/Video Analysis/Warm-Up/Stretch = 7.5% condition loss.
    ST+ST+ST+ST: Pass, Go & Shoot + Skill + Stretch = 3.75% condition loss.

    First 2 session with the video x2 bonus.

    After/between games:

    GK: Goalkeeper Training
    DC: Press The Play (Warm-Up)
    MC+AMC/L/R: Slalom + Pass, Go & Shoot (Skill)
    ST: Shooting Technique + Pass, Go & Shoot (Skill)

    Rinse & repeat.

    Edit: after/between games I train only to not waste the 6% condition gain. So (generally bench) players to 93/87/81 etc. I never use green packs (for this.)
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    also in the morning to get the bonuses i do 2 sessions of a mix of exercices with a condition lost of 6,5% to 7,5%...with videos (when they available ), bettween games only if the plaeyrs condition is not low ( bellow 40%) i do especific sesseions with atack possitions with the red tab exercices and defense positions with the green tab exercices...never do the blue tab exercices in this situations....

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    I train my bench with,

    Skill Drill, Warm Up, Video analysis, Pass Go and Shoot, Stretch, Piggy in the Middle until I reach 40%.

    Regarding my starters,

    It depends upon which skills i'm focusing on training. I won't train them if it means condition below 99% for matches.
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    I first want to start with a big thank you and that I ultimately approve this post because this way I could use some of the training techniques of the more-experienced players.

    As for my personal training sessions- having my bonuses on 10% is a must. Even when it is association time I try to kindly ask someone from the association (usually our captain ) to give me 4% additional attacking bonus- the more the merrier

    My team has two basic formations- one for defensive way of playing and one for full attack mode. Therefore my MC/MR/ML-s are different for the different formations, so my training sessions are three kinds:
    For "Good Morning" all my players start with one all-fitness training and one mixed with attacking and defensice drills.

    When I am playing with my defensive formation I train before the match only my attacking midfielders -MC/MR/ML-s which are in the substituions list along with my subs-strikers and all my AMC/AMR/AML-s and all my subs-DC/DL/DR-s and DMC/DMR/DML-s but only the subs!. The drills I use are only attacking- just beginning with Warm-up, followed by Pass, go and shoot, Fast-counter attacks, Shooting technique, Skill Drill and finishing with Stretch. Always with x2 bonus

    When I am playing with my attacking formation I make the trainings before the match to be strictly defensive so I could make my defensive midfielders evolve in defensive skills, along with my defenders. The drills I use are again Warm up and Stretch for start and end and Press the play, piggy in the middle, Deffending crosses and One line of defense.

    Of course as you can guess my players are always tired but the 30 rests per day from videos fit my training schedules perfectly so I could rest my players before the matches.

    Some may say I am a tyrant to my players but nothing good comes easily- I am happy with this training regime because this way my players are gaining stars quickly, and they specialize in defense or attack so I use some players for 3-4 seasons and they still become scouts in the first 4-5 days of the season and moreover they are a lot better than the previous season because as I said they become specialized for what they are used for- attack or defense respectively.

    I can't wait to hear the schedules of other managers- let's share our experience and grow together! ^^
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    Well, I am using now and work me well to keep the bonuses in a good level fast. All trainings easy/very easy level with low condition consumption....
    The X2 don't work even watching 5 times the video but I can keep at least 8% easy.

    Then if I wanna keep my spirit and train the speed as main target (as I usually did during all my club history that is now of 50 seasons), and I want train fast speed till 9* I put x6 times the Sprint drill and well, this dont give bonus but I use this to train individually or in groups of 2-3 yougs this skill.

    Share your training schedule-training.jpg

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    I really like the training gains from Hold the Line. It's great for all managers that like to press high.
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    This is my daily training schedule
    I do 2 trainings with all squad using only very easy drills and 2 trainings without the 1st 11 who will play the next game,so i will burn only~9% from the players who will play the 1st game of the day

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    I 'm doing a six pack of easy-very easy drills of the three categories.
    It's - 6.75% and using it two times, it keeps my daily bonus to 10% (with X2 video)
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    Thanks Jeeves to bring this threat, we need a good regimes but I see members are stop to discuss about it ????...
    Our discussion can bring a good training regimes

    I used to follow this training regimes:

    After 3 seasons following that I feel it has good and bad both, its good if you have one match a day, its down side is, gray or non-key attributes contribution very low. so every time when manager lvl up players skill points goes down then those gray skills hard to recover. For example:

    Share your training schedule-non-key-attribues.jpg

    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos
    I 'm doing a six pack of easy-very easy drills of the three categories.
    It's - 6.75% and using it two times, it keeps my daily bonus to 10% (with X2 video)
    I like to thanks nik and some others that they suggest me to do training as nik doing above, actually when I was not getting 2x video over 3 weeks then I post a thread and their suggestion help me out

    So I'm doing same for my 10% bonus with x2 video, just little change:

    Share your training schedule-training-1.jpg

    After doing those 2 training, I mostly train individual player or combine with 2/3 players who's key or gray attributes need to improve. Its very time consuming, exciting and fun, specially when see players skill improving. Still working to find out which drill work most for gray attributes. Like, if I wants to add Tackling and Marking to one of my ST then I try with "SET -PIECE DELIVERY & 1 -ON- 1 FINISHING", also try with "PRESS THE PLAY///STOP THE ATTACKER///DEFENDING CROSSES"; most of the time (8 out of 10) that ST gaining his key attributes not non key attributes which I want Tackling+Marking.
    I know a ST doesn't need much def attributes point but whenever I change the match tactics to pressing style high I see as my above illustrated ST got injury.

    I hope some more members share their training schedule.

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