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    Jesus Christ

    I drew 1-1 in the Cup to a 15% weaker team, I was 15% stronger and the other manager did attend, I still felt like I should have won the game, it feels scripted.
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    I took it slow this season... barely entering for trainings or morale boosters from time to time. I didn't watched videos for farming from the start of this season... i don't care anymore. But when i entered today on all my accounts to prepare for association matches... i got a surprise. i can't say i was shocked, but it was funny to see how clearly matches are pre-arranged once again. For those who still believe in coincidences:

    All those screenshots are after today first-rounds of associations:

    How many troll results you had this season ?-proof1.jpg

    How many troll results you had this season ?-proof2.jpg

    How many troll results you had this season ?-proof3.jpg

    So, please, stop talking about troll results... those are normal now, in today's status of the game. i've said these things a year maybe 2 years ago, and back then wasn't that frequent or that clear. everything is programmed from day 1 of the season. who wins titles, who promotes to platinum, who's relegating, all those things. it's just the way they've programmed this sh*t.
    This is especially for those who said that they remained in this game only for associations. hahahahaha nice joke.

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    @talisman, sometimes it's useful to watch some games (like this) from your 2nd account.
    It saved me a lot of times.

    @Max McClean
    -1-1 vs 15% weaker team is illogical with a present manager ?
    I wouldn't say that.

    @ funker
    Today we had a bug in FA games so no surprise
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    Ok Nik I guess at least he turned up. Many of them don’t but at least I am still having a good season anyway.

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    well, i'm not buying this bug sh*t... it's like this for too long. at some point it was a bug where the winner association appeared right before the draw, and it was right at the end. but like i said, i don't care anymore... so peace!

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    Coin toss game this.

    How many troll results you had this season ?-333.jpg

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    It's probably my last season.
    I'm second in the league, the first team is weaker than me, he won all matches except against me, where I won 3-0.
    Today I lost 2-1 against an abandoned team at76% while I am at 126%.
    Why do I have to continue to waste time getting ****ed?
    Stupid game.

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    Lost 2-3 at home to a 19% weaker team, what total garbage they of course have the higher shot efficiency and beat me. I don’t think they deserved it. I need to win this league and he is first somehow he better lose somewhere or else the game engine favours him or something

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    How many troll results you had this season ?-1srrrr.jpg

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    I have two accounts had my semis only 3 minutes apart. Won the first leg on one account 1-0 and on the other I drew 1-1. What I want to point out is on the account where I won 1-0 on the first leg i lost 5-0 morals all superb well rested and his bloody manager was not online. He's a lvl higher than me but I was stronger than him. If I had lost 1-0/2-0 or even 3-0 I would have understood but loosing 5-0 when I was online stronger and prepared if that's not scripted that what is not??? And yes on the other account where I drew on the first leg i lost 2-1 he's a friend wasn't online, but I lost. Similarities I had more shots on target but those recommendations really killed me. They said I needed a new DL and worst performing was the DL recommended a GK and he was the worst performing player . Both my accounts are 107+ both my players are 105&110% and they performed exceptionally well in the first leg, but came drunk and lost the second leg. Keep it up nordeus your ****ing the game. Keep it up

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