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    Me too; I often stay in 10 players in Cup or CL, never in league.

    Rarely my opponent has a red card and when it happens, I see no difference, it's almost less easy to score a gol.

    Obviously, whent the opponent manager is not present, as usual.

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    NOOO my favorite thread will soon be gone
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    Don't say that.
    As crazy results happening, this thread gonna stay alive (but I really hope if it wouldn't exist)

    Ok, today I won the 13th of my league, Steaua (an abandoned team) with 5-0.
    How many troll results you had this season ?-league-d8.jpg

    With this difference in quality, I managed to score only five times !
    How many troll results you had this season ?-league-d8-steaua.jpg

    How many troll results you had this season ?-league-d8-steaua-teams.jpg

    In a previous game, JAVIER (another abandoned team) scored 6 times even if oppo GK Brennan had 6 saves.
    How many troll results you had this season ?-league-d8-javier-steaua.jpg

    In my game, Brennan had 5 saves.
    Ah, forgot to say that Brennan is a DMC
    How many troll results you had this season ?-league-d8-steaua-teams-brennan.jpg

    Ok, this story when they fixed the algorithm so we could not score many goals vs weak/abandoned teams is getting tired.
    This reminds me when we can have () a Porsche with 300 hp but there is a "cutter" in the engine and we cannot drive above 150 km/h .
    So what I do in that case ?
    I buy a Citroen.
    It does the same job and cost less

    * That's why I never did a training in a player above 7* or had a team above 7* (except some long period of tanking, but didn't make any extra training).
    ** Maybe that's the reason I don't know how many greens it needs for a player to be 8* or 9* - lol
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    Nik, you can't be wrong with a French car... Mind though: some fancy 2 CV could cost you more than a modern Porsche
    Club: FC Lomagne

    Level: 33

    Current Season (44): League (ON STRIKE), CL (N/A), Cup (In - Quarter-Finals)

    Previous Season: League (11th), CL (Final), Cup (Last 16)

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    Today also troll result for me :/
    What was wrong:
    - my team was playing centre ( in settings i set up dbf)
    - and almost like usual it was not possible to score a goal:/
    - my striker and wingers was missing with one-to-one situation like crazy( first time I was seeing animation where someone was not able to score after ST dribbles the GK :/)

    And more:
    -I meet with this team two times this season (leage 5-0 and CL 3-0), all times playing with the same tactic, Oppo manager newer watch the game.
    Difference was more than 20% (this not quarantee winning, but confirmed tactic and settings should).

    Basically this need to be stop: there is no advantage of controll your team and change settings during some matches- but why?
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    Through this post dev already know how we find out which games are trolling and which are not, so they start different trolling statements, for example, you can see you are higher q, in the match you dominated 90' but no score, end of the match report comes everything equal or close to equal, possession 54-49 or 50-50, SoT 5-3 or 7-6 etc even sometimes you see 25-8, n you might lucky win by a single goal or draw or last minute (89 or 90') score n you lost.
    Kind of another twist of trolling
    Probably this is one of the reasons this thread is no longer sticky, because they already got the info they needed
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    There are matches where it is let's say 86 minute but you can see that the match is over because home button changes from bouncing ball to standard icon. The match is still going, you can see 1-2 attacks but you can predict that there will be no more goals because of that change. And vice versa, if it not changing, you can hope for a goal during the last minutes. I don't know if it is true or not but this is my observation.
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    I've gone from runner up in CL, league to 9th in league, out of cup and dropped to europa: team is 107%, and exactly the same as above

    - strikers (all 3) missing one on one chances and chances , despite pass go shoot / one on one finishing etc training each day

    -- defence letting in many more goals despite me bolstering the team there

    -- losing or sewing to abandoned or manager absent teams all the time

    I haven't changed my training or my team settings so have nordeus just chosen me to have a difficult season or did they flip one of the settings i.e. on high press we should now use zonal marking instead of man to man?

    It's so confusing

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    not many days past @kenotic lol
    ok, a fixed result today in my first semifinal.
    not a troll as oppo had a descent team but you know, the usual - not watching the game blah, blah, blah

    Whatever I did, oppo GK just saving the day

    I hope it's a part of a pattern I can see the latest seasons.
    You have a better team, you get a troll result in the first game but you win easily in the second.
    It happened to my (and others) too many times to be a coincidence.
    We 'll see.

    How many troll results you had this season ?-cup-1sst-semi-2-2.jpg

    How many troll results you had this season ?-cup-1sst-semi-2-2-teams.jpg
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    hm..... sorry to hear that Lads, no troll results for me, honestly opposition is having big problem to score against me ..... so far I have conceded 0 goals (but I am quite low level 36 so that might change when I go up)