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    [Official] TopEleven v6.1 - UK Tour Challenge-screenshot_20171128-075635.jpg

    Oh noooo
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    So chances for getting good players are pretty high on next stages
    8-9 star players good.
    22yo meh.
    Unknown exact position and SA BAD
    339T, very expensive for a 22yo for which you do not know exact position and SA. And if you want to assign him position he will be already 8 star and it will take too much greens to assign it eventually....

    I like the idea of the offer, but needs tuning , I hope they will have another country tour and we see better offers.
    At least give a 18yo :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Altiplano View Post
    Attachment 91169
    Ha. Ha. Ha. Forget it!
    Now I get this.
    They can't arrange to play with me because they busy playing with Altiplano.
    Just kidding.

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    [Official] TopEleven v6.1 - UK Tour Challenge-2017-11-28-09.22.57.jpg

    Let some1 explain me how to enter in this BRAND NEW challenge? Is this a joke?

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    Same problem here. I reckon everyone in the UK is having to arrange a match with the SAME ACTUAL FREAKING TEAM, and that team's schedule is getting completely overwhelmed after the first hundred or so people arrange a match. Sound about right?

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    That's reminds me a rpg game were you travel from place to place and fight the boss for a prize.

    This feature for paying a bunch of tokens for the clown in a box , really don't understand why they insist to that idea

    The teams for the UK jersey and emblem prizes which are very cool, look unbeaten for my quality (unless their q is fake).
    I think it's another nice gift for the associations tanking teams with 10* players

    Anyway, I think I can get the jersey of Manchester but if I will fail, of course not gonna pay again for re-entry.

    This contest I would say it's a good idea but bad execution .
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    I cannot enter match.
    [Official] TopEleven v6.1 - UK Tour Challenge-uk.jpg

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    Now i can arrange a match but can’t watch the
    match. Waiting 8 minutes to see the result. That sucks.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Let some1 explain me how to enter in this BRAND NEW challenge?

    EDIT: I somehow managed to arrange a game and guess what happened?
    [Official] TopEleven v6.1 - UK Tour Challenge-2017-11-28-09.54.02.jpg

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    To the final challenge. Will play on the weekend.
    [Official] TopEleven v6.1 - UK Tour Challenge-1-association1.jpg

    He's long passes against me every match. I've been hard defending/flanks/mixed/on/high/normal/zonal/off tactically so far (went offensive for a little bit in Birmingham, but left the high press on). I'm not sure if it's the hard defending, the high press or both that's working against his long passes. But have a shot for 100 coins. But I won't pay that re-entry fee again.

    Last available player.
    [Official] TopEleven v6.1 - UK Tour Challenge-1-association.jpg
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