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Thread: A Guide for fast trainers

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    someone can help me please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomy31 View Post
    someone can help me please ?
    Its better if you check these posts out first
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    I'm playing 22 level. Niko says 15 18% condition loss 5 skills gaining. May solution is to find ft after buying new player. New one is 80 condition always. Choose players less white skills. Do a combination of training. For example press play for dc's. Till 30 condition make drills and count how many skills you get. 15 skills is good. 15(# of skills u got)/50(condition loss) x 100 = 30 is fast trainer. This is mainly for %80 percent quality players. More than 30 % is 1 class fast trainer. Between 25-30 % is 2nd class fast trainers.

    Even u get less than 30 condition, then you can subtract from 80 to last condition. I can't understand is player ft by doing a few training. Min 50 condition loss is the way to see real skill points.

    22th level fast trainer value 74% quality 19 years old 107 m value is always ft. 84% a 20 y 107 m ft. 73% q 19 y means 106 m.

    18 y 94% q 108 m. Ex when you see 80% q 19 y 107 m it can be 1st or 2nd class player but if u see 74q 19y 107m it's 1st class ft.

    Another trick is to check auction lost players new team value)) ex new team 11 level i do check is it ft or not. Till some level we can check is it ft by value and quality.

    Thanks Niko for ft values by level. But need now higher level tricks ))

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    I am on level 34.
    I have two queries
    1. How do you spot fast trainers while most of the players have almost same transfer value. What wage difference should I be looking for?
    2. Its been almost 5-6 seasons where I am being matched with higher level opponents in cup and champions games. What should I do . I mean how should I alter my team to get players of same level or lower level? Is it true that if I have low overall quality of 14 players with 7-8 good quality players(100+%) and 6-7 poor ones (30-40%), then I might get easy fixtures. If overall quality of team is low ? Thanks in advance
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