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Thread: Summary of bugs

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    Summary of bugs

    I gather here most the bugs that members post, older or new, important or not, issues or misunderstandings.

    It’s useful for a player to take a look and see if his case is among others that have been reported and it’s more practical to add your case in a thread that already has it.

    When you add a new post in an old thread, it comes back in the “surface” of the forum so it will be spotted again.
    If it’s a new, a different bug, open a new thread.
    I recommend also to write if you 're playing in android, iOS or a browser.

    But before that, try few things and maybe it ‘ll be fixed.
    What things ?
    In a mobile, go to settings > apps > Top Eleven and clean cache or clean data.
    Also you can uninstall and install the game again.
    In pc/ lap-top, check if there is a latest browser version , clean cookies, maybe some update of the flash player could help - even if the game is in Unity – for vids.
    * If you ‘re not familiar with those actions above, search in the google or in youtube, using a phrase like “How do I …. “ .

    I understand that some of you are pissed of from something or surprised but please don't use as title "wtf ..." or "How is it possible ?"
    Better describe in the tittle with few words, what is the case. It would be easier for people who 're trying to help, to find later your thread.

    We have 4 parts here :

    - The misunderstandings – It’s not a bug when …
    - The minor bugs – mostly visual, you can ignore them
    - The old (but repeated) bugs
    - The recent – I ‘m gonna update this part every while.

    * This thread is not something official. I ‘m just trying to help members and nord-people to spot the issues and find solutions.
    Wherever I can, I give tips or you can read answers from the adms other members.
    Adms giving help from time to time but it's not in their daily duties to offer technical support in the forum.

    The official channel is the nordeus support, in this link

    Or the help button … [?] in the game.

    * This is the relative thread for chat
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    There are some misunderstandings or "rules" we don't know yet, so better read before report something as a bug

    It's not a bug when ....

    1) your team loose a star after promotion (level up)
    - It's a basic rule of the game

    2) We can't make a negotiation offer to a player of our friend
    - He is in a different server.
    Read more about negotiations here

    3) Promoted from 9th position
    - happening sometimes

    4) Playing vs +1 level teams in Champions League or Cup

    5) Cannot send an official jersey as a gift
    - must buy with money

    6) You cannot get more than one gift of a kind, every day
    - a rule

    7) you are in a high level and you didn't promote - you are in the top of the server
    - Not enough teams

    8) Finished in 12th position but promoted ?
    For the same reason - not enough teams in top of the server, so the game promotes more teams to create a new league.

    9) we see the first opponent of our League, at day 2 of the season.
    - The draw already happened but we cannot see the League table before day 3.

    10) your 99% q player removed from nego list (went 100% quality)

    11) Cannot send a friend request to a manager from the same server
    - there is a limit of friends

    12) Cannot see in schedule, games of some friends
    - There is no limit for fb friends but above a number (about 120), you might loose some games

    13) You won the League but didn't get the prize money.
    You 'll get them next day, 1st of the new season.

    14) When we cannot use a number for the renaming our team.
    - We can use a number only for the first time we give the name in our team (TSV 1860 Munich)

    15) when you want to change the number of a player for free but the game asks you for 1 token.
    Probably he is a Brazilian/Portuguese player with a very long game and the game permits only to change all the characteristics.
    (actually to put a new short name).
    Solution : Give the number you want to another player and switch again this number with the (random) Brazilian's number.
    Then, change again the number of the (short name) player.
    All for free

    16) If you 're bidding for the same player, with a manager some levels above yours.
    - It's the new auctions system (like the associations logic)

    17) If opponent bidder has a negative cash flow (debt)
    - He 'll pay that later. If he can't do that the next 7 days, the game automatically 'll sell one of his best players.

    18) if you are in the same competition with a manager who has a bigger manager level.
    - This manager used an older in-game app and took over a club from lower level.
    At the same time, he kept his previous (higher) lv number.
    What is important, is the League lv he is playing and the relative market.
    Every manager is facing +-1 lv opponents in Cup and C.L. and same lv in League.

    19) if you see a manager with a high level but a recent starting date of his club.
    - This manager was inactive for some period and when he got back, took that date.
    Also because till then, he was playing as a guest and that date he connected his team with a fb account.
    Or some misunderstanding with levels - it's the old "take over a lower lv club" old option.

    20) when levels of training not increasing anymore
    - LV91 is the max. Congratulations

    21) when no skills added above 340%.
    - This is the max skill a player can have

    22) when you don't see any increase of GK (unique) abilities in your other players
    - You see some skills in a drill, but some of them are only for GK.

    23) when we cannot buy official jerseys from pc.
    Now it's only from mobiles

    24) when we don't get the man of the match skill points in a friendly or associations game.
    It's only for official games.

    25) didn't promote in CH.L. groups, came 2nd ...
    - read the rules
    and an example

    26) you finished 2nd in your League , with same goals and gd

    27) if you got confused with contracts

    28) if your player is not eligible to play in a 2nd game (cause of cards)

    29) if you removed a TE friend from fb but still you see his team in friend's list
    - don't worry, it needs a couple of days

    30) if you bid more than 50 tokens in an auctions but didn't get the Stubborn achievement
    - it's been removed with the new auctions

    31) even if reduce the tickets price, you can't fill your stadium
    - probably because it is bigger for your lv.
    There is a max attendance , read here

    32) if cannot understand how comes the CM in stats
    - it counts the games your player was in the bench too

    33) if you see the first days of the season, teams like this.
    They didn't renew the contracts yet

    34) if you see teams above lv, as 9* or team below lv, as 1*.
    They are in different levels and this is how we see them.
    If you see a team same lv as 9*, check

    35) If your game finished 3-0 without playing it.
    Opponent didn't have 11 eligible players to set up his team.
    You may see that he has 14 players but some of them are injured and you cannot see that.

    36) if someone "hacked" your fb account

    37) if you didn't tab the Contest button

    38) if you see weird pairs in your asso tournament

    39) if you see that you supported your team in your second asso game when that time you were sleeping.
    - if you are present in the first game, then the game considers your presence in the 2nd too.
    The same with your group mates. *** it's fixed now

    40) It's not a bug if GK training doesn't work

    41) It's not a bug if you cannot farm packs/boosters

    42) if a team doesn't have an illegible squad of 11 players for the 1st game of the Cup or C.L./S.L. (K.O. rounds)
    doesn't play the 2nd game too. It's out (both scores 3-0) .

    Update 11 March 2019

    43) It's not a bug if you are LV1-3 and cannot join an FA group.
    new rule, must be over LV4 or else someone else must invite you in their asso group

    44) It's not a bug if you didn't get the tokens reward and finished the season bellow the 8th position in League.
    It's a new rule.

    45) It's not a bug if you see a draw in your season stats when you won all the games.
    If you had a 3-0 match from a game that opponent didn't play, it'a count as a draw, not a win (ok, what to say )

    46) It's not a bug if you see the morale of your players dropping after a victory.
    Ignore it and do not spend blue packs to fix them.

    47) It's not a bug if you see a recommended player for 500-1000 tokens.
    Ignore it.

    48) it's not a bug if you see some expenses from games

    49) it's not a bug if you cannot fill the stadium. There is a limit of fans for every level
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    Those bugs are not important, rare, some times only visual, you can ignore them

    1) A note about the parking when you have already finished facilities
    - ignore it
    Summary of bugs-tickets-notice.jpg

    2) Some times, a player has "wrong" special ability
    - ok, you can live with that

    Summary of bugs-player-sa.jpg

    3) well, dream on
    Summary of bugs-600-k-token.jpg

    4) A notice for an inured player
    - ignore it
    Summary of bugs-2018-not-injured-player.jpg

    5) Assistant manager many times saying crazy things (few times can give some good advice about tactics) but you must be careful about the scores in K.O. games.
    When you 're playing the second game, keep in mind the score of the first game and ignore his comment about the qualification result.
    Summary of bugs-5-m-advice.jpg

    6) Mourinho sent Thanks
    Summary of bugs-6-mou-thanks.jpg

    7) Some times, the negotiations list has players that shouldn't be there (except if there are 3* and 4* players of your friends).
    Ignore them.
    Summary of bugs-7-nego-list-what.jpg

    8) A rate above 10
    Summary of bugs-8-rate-10-2-b.jpg

    9) The game of a friend is stuck and when you go in friend's schedule, it's the one that shows.
    The opponent of your friend, didn't have 11 eligible players so it's 3-0 victory for him.
    You just have to scroll down to see the current games.
    Summary of bugs-9-stuck-game.jpg

    10) Double stadium and tickets supports.
    Ok but don't count on this extra 5%. It's a minor factor.
    Summary of bugs-10-double-stadium.jpg

    11) When start the new season, instead of saying that you won the League, saying that you won the Champions League
    Summary of bugs-11-win-ch.l.-no-league.jpg

    Update 11 March 2019 after TE 2019
    5) About as. manager doesn't exist anymore as he removed from the game
    7) About negotiation doesn't matter as nego are removed the first 3 weeks and they are useless the 4th week.
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    Those bugs are old but repeated.
    Some of them are rare, some more often.

    1) Missing X2 training button.
    Rare but still happening.
    Must wait 5-6 days to reappear.
    Under investigation

    2) When the game stuck on penalties procedure in asso tournaments
    Sending a report and get a compensation, is the only thing we can do.

    3) bug in subs
    it's more rare lately

    4) Goals of 1st day, didn't count in Club's season stats
    Doesn't affect the stats of a player

    5) Sub didn't activate
    When you 'll give the order, go again and make another small action (a player little forth or backwards, just to tab again the V button)

    6) Missing GK, 12 players
    post here, maybe nord-guys 'll ask for your ID to check your case

    7) few hours before the end of the season, we can see some weird things in schedule, maybe not see our last league game
    Next day in new season, everything is back to normal

    8) rare but some times, you may see the points of your asso group the new season, reduced more than the (rule of) 20%.
    Send a report

    9) Ghost goal, different score from what we saw before.
    It's a hidden connection lost. Rare but can happen.

    update 11 March 2019, two months after the new TE 2019
    2) 3) 5) 9) still happening, the other it's been some time I didn't see any new report
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    April of 2018

    error in server connection

    bonus (of training) drop after a game

    problems with vids (6.7 version)

    sync with fb
    under investigation
    * but it's not a bug when you don't see some games of your friends in your schedule.
    They are too many.
    Try to keep some limit - near 120 friends.

    true fan achievement is broken
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    TE 2019

    1) Problems with connection

    2) problem with farming

    3) CL and Cup wrong stats

    4) bug in asso friendlies tickets

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    League Match

    I have a league match tonight but the league has already ended. What is this match as it states the league will start on the 3rd. Thanks.

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    It has updated and it shows the league starts today. Did they get rid of the break between seasons?

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    no, check post #2
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    Question Stadium Affluence Issue

    Hi there,

    I have trouble regarding my club affluence. It's stuck at 19k but my stadium max capacity is 31k, as you can see on the following picture:

    Summary of bugs-1.jpg

    Here are the affluence of my last 5 home matches, as you can see, it's locked at 19k max:

    Summary of bugs-2.pngSummary of bugs-3.pngSummary of bugs-6.png
    Summary of bugs-4.pngSummary of bugs-5.png

    I play only on android, I have already tried to log out and log in (with fb account) again several times to see if it fixes itself somehow, but nothing changes.

    Good thing is that my stadium is always full, bad thing is that I earn only half of what I should gain from tickets...

    Maybe i am missing something ?

    Thanks for your help!
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