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  1. Error in final positions champions
  2. Something wrong with national temas...
  3. Substitutes bug in friendly match
  4. Can’t get on the game. Just this screen...
  5. Finance
  6. [Official] No Challenge Matches During Daily Update (~2:30am-4:30am CEST)
  7. Tiny Bonus Increase
  8. Unable to Start the fixture in "King of the Hill"
  9. King of hill match cannot be started
  10. Problem play
  11. Missing a team from King of the hill
  12. Not able to arrange a "King of the hill" game.
  13. New Event
  14. PC/Laptop playing
  15. Tokens bug
  16. Bug
  17. Training Issue
  18. Facebook broken ?
  19. Application crash
  20. I bought a player and did not show up in my team.
  21. season stats bug
  22. Negotiations - cannot accept the offer
  23. I am a level 2 newbie I have to play higher level in league,champions league and cup?
  24. Rewards from the previous season were not given
  25. Khris list of stuffs
  26. National Squad: couldn't watch game
  27. I did not get Biggleswade New Jersey
  28. Game in windows 10 not loading
  29. Match was 1d ago
  30. I lost all my coins
  31. Connection Error
  32. Game stop at 41 min
  33. Assoc game not played? New bug.
  34. Litery pod klubem
  35. What the hell happened here
  36. New friendlies bug ?
  37. Stadium capacity
  38. What's up with the red card suspensions?
  39. Cannot see any information about the opponent like table, players, skills, ect
  40. Issue with ads videos
  41. Tokens free not received
  42. Facebook
  43. Champions League
  44. association friendly match bug?
  45. [Minor Bug] double visual subs
  46. The tournament does not play on 3 servers.
  47. Can't change fixture time
  48. Please fix the substitutions!
  49. Server Problems
  50. Missed token
  51. Association
  52. abandoned teams bug
  53. Top Eleven contact issue
  54. How to link my facebook acount with my TE one
  55. Problem with Stadium Capacity
  56. Fixture list frozen
  57. Did they fixed the late subs and online stats ?
  58. what is it supposed to be?
  59. Match Income
  60. tokens back
  61. Invited friend
  62. Left/Right footed player generation bug or intended?
  63. Tokens
  64. Different shops on Mobilephone and PC/FB Gameroom??
  65. paid for tokens, none received
  66. I can not claim my reward
  67. nordeus is cheating !!
  68. How it could be an offside?
  69. no competition income in league
  70. TOP ELEVEN devs ; Ratings?!?
  71. Problem with Video ads
  72. Stadium capacity bugs
  73. Bug in cash rewards
  74. Bug in displaying recommended players
  75. Can't Play Event Matches
  76. Issue with TE fb announcements
  77. Sent invitation to friend and no referal in game!
  78. Why are Tapjoy getting away with not paying out on tokens owed for game downloads?
  79. New update event bugs
  80. Version 7. 5 on Xiaomi MI Max (a7 miui 9)
  81. Where’s my Token!!
  82. Made 3 transactions, but didn't get any tokens?
  83. Summer Competition is GLITCHING NOW cannot setup any matches
  84. Missing resources and % increase
  85. Can't kick out player from my Association
  86. bug in association
  87. Missing Assist In Chart
  88. I dont like to lose my account
  89. Competition reward
  90. The ads are gone again
  91. Two matches of disqualification after a red card
  92. Summer event cant claim prize bugs... Pls help
  93. Problem with auction
  94. International Cup?
  95. There was an error connecting to the server.
  96. Where are my friends???
  97. Summer Shootout - Another buggy event
  98. Cant link my facebook acount with my TE one
  99. Summer shootout (opponent team has more stars than it should have)
  100. Bug in max attendance and ball possession
  101. Morale bug.
  102. Double boosters/rests?
  103. Cannot load TE from PC
  104. pc version cannot log in
  105. Assists, substitutions and half time game jump
  106. How to fix match timing when you travel ?
  107. freezing ad
  108. Fb friend and fellow association player’s fixtures no longer showing for me to specta
  109. Assist challenge gone awol
  110. Match wont count into super league
  111. League info of another team, doesnt show
  112. Training required issues
  113. Parking is full and not upgradable
  114. Association rewards the 2nd day of the season.
  115. Player Won From Auction But Not Added To The Squad
  116. International Cup issue !
  117. A great day
  118. Friendly support?!
  119. Beat the world champs bug
  120. co jest
  121. Event Pokonaj Mistrzów
  122. Daily free rest packs problem !!
  123. missing jerseys from club shop
  124. Beat The World Champions - app crash
  125. the result of the first game game doesnt show up
  126. [Known Issue] Unplayed Matches on 3 servers
  127. Player Substitution takes too long
  128. another crash ...
  129. Another day another App crash
  130. broken adv
  131. International Cup rewards
  132. Transfer Account Ios from Android
  133. No preparation phase?
  134. Game notifications repeats endless international cup
  135. Can i start a new game, from 0?
  136. Today july 4 Updated the game??? Can not load in browser
  137. Ic 2nd round game time...
  138. can't find friends
  139. special ability gift
  140. Connection issues?!?!?!?
  141. Players got out of group without losing
  142. International Cup started / reverted back to the Preparation Phase on the 2 day
  143. Experiencing a bug on the International Cup
  144. International cup bug
  145. Bug International competition
  146. Cant get rest points
  147. What is going on???
  148. Connection problems
  149. IC Cup mysteriously disappeared just today when I should start my winning journey lol
  150. Green packs disappeared
  151. When will Nordeus fix all its problems?
  152. Special ability's bug
  153. Home - away jersey bug
  154. Lost referral
  155. Penalty session started but game still playing
  156. Finished 9th, got promoted and lost 20% and stars anyway
  157. Lost negotiation
  158. Choosing players from National team
  159. True fan counter
  160. Bug with asso tokens ?
  161. Problem during Association matches
  162. Server Disconnected During CL Final :(
  163. Support
  164. Internation Cup - Unable to claim reward
  165. I was not warned about the game
  166. Can't change time on PC
  167. Cup final not started
  168. This image is a bug itself, hurts watchimg
  169. Top Eleven bug made us lose association match - PLEASE
  170. the home page is not showing up properly
  171. Ad bug in a Ad (Lol)
  172. Player's moral going down like a rocket after each match
  173. Known Issue - Unplayed IC Matches
  174. Cheater?
  175. Ad choices/X install
  176. 18-19 yold Monster players
  177. Game finished not registered
  178. Missing games
  179. seious, fix the bugs
  180. referrals problem
  181. I won the internation cup but no rewards
  182. Send gifts
  183. Happened a few times in a row. Game kicks me out right before game is about to end
  184. Player I’ve chosen from my national team has way low market value than expected (SS)
  185. New feature proposal to Nordeus for the bugs post
  186. training problem with players from national team
  187. My season is over lol.
  188. ANOTHER BUG !! training bonus went down from 40% to 32%
  189. Game won't load
  190. No match history
  191. do you guys face problems with farming free rests after the latest update?
  192. Match time change
  193. Who is NORDEUS joking?
  194. International Cup- during half time I know that I will not win
  195. Connexion
  196. the 4 bonus finish around minute 75 .... they're not equally divided to cover 90 minu
  197. Season & All time streaks not correctly displayed ❗
  198. No comercials
  199. NORDEUS once for all, please solve this issue with videos
  200. Official List of Minor bugs -and not so minor
  201. Half time. Half time. Half time.
  202. Game not starting.
  203. International Cup- player missing
  204. Training before an association match
  205. Cant send thanks to friends after support.
  206. International CUP Qualification error
  207. Full attendance and only 4% attendance
  208. half time sub
  209. Error Time
  210. Videos Erroring Out
  211. My profile has been stolen and this guy sold 8 of my players
  212. Did they reduce free rests from 25 to 20 only ?
  213. I'm looking for Answers
  214. My result
  215. When you got solve the problem withic matches
  216. International game freez time
  217. IC results for 2nd round : matches were not played because the referee didn't come :D
  218. How to farm booster – Like a virgin
  219. International Cup
  220. Cant watch ic cup
  221. Todays 2 games at the same time
  222. time change,
  223. Fix this issue??
  224. Impossible to change time of home game
  225. My players stopped developing their abilities after a match (SS)
  226. Live match behaviour
  227. Possession Bonus Glitch?
  228. I still can’t get into IC
  229. Match did not begin
  230. International Cup - Cheated out of a player!
  231. Gifts for Top Eleven friends
  232. Server ko
  233. Game did not play
  234. Ads again
  235. Losing Control During Matches
  236. Cup bug 2nd leg
  237. Match ends early
  238. All subs get a 7 rating now, whether they played or not...
  239. Inappropriate SAs on Scouts and Recommended players
  240. Tokens not getting credited for sale of players
  241. nordeus is NORTH KOREA
  242. Friendlies, error connecting/ reconnect, unable to sack a player, matches not showing
  243. Issue working with next match because of friendly
  244. Friendlies do not work..wtf?
  245. Bug with Facebook last name
  246. Ad's loading
  247. Cannot sack a player
  248. Losing stars of players
  249. Friendlies
  250. Glitches I have noticed since update