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  1. No condition.
  2. Advert problem
  3. Training Special coach 2x issues
  4. Notifications before matches
  5. New account
  6. I seem to be getting losses when I win the game
  7. Chatserver broken with Association Matches
  8. how to enter into full screen mode in web?
  9. Reward videos
  10. Vid problem Lords Mobile
  11. Problem levels cup, outrageous
  12. Game very slow on Facebook and disconnections
  13. cant get official Emblems and shirts
  14. my score got doubled up
  15. Reconnecting issue (Very important)
  16. not getting free tokens
  17. top eleven crashed when i'm getting a gift from my friends
  18. negotiations party :)
  19. Add a friend
  20. Transfers problems
  21. Substituted Player Still Shown To Playing On The Pitch Despite Being Substituted
  22. Missing Condition For Players (Players Have Not Recovered)
  23. Something Wrong With The Settings In This Game (Orders Not Obeyed)
  24. Free Tokens Don't Work
  25. Inviting Facebook friends
  26. Association bug?
  27. Message About Parking Problem When It Was The Case Of An Away Match
  28. I can not play
  29. Problem with All out attack
  30. Problem with reconnecting during game
  31. Daily gifts
  32. Problem with score after live match
  33. Free video offers for restpoints
  34. Yeni Güncelleme Sonra Oyuna Giremiyorum PC
  35. Small bug in other server friend's lineup
  36. Training Session - Not Counted
  37. Friends gifts not recived!!!
  38. :mad: Assosiation lost after win :mad:
  39. Assosiation Championship lost after win
  40. Transfers/Auctions = I'm disgusted with the auctions!
  41. BUG in Challenge
  42. What is going on?
  43. Something Is Clearly Wrong In This Game; Match Fixing or Game Flaw/Fault? (Important)
  44. Profile name change in forum
  45. X 2 Training
  46. Error Result Match game in Associations
  47. Penalty shootout in associations bug
  48. This is annoying
  49. Why can't web page Chinese be displayed properly?
  50. Updates always affect my team
  51. Tokens for Association
  52. Match won, then draw
  53. Yet another association bug
  54. Error Connecting
  55. Gaining a level despite being 9 in the league
  56. This must be a bug: If you sub on defensive player=concede sub on attacker-score?
  57. Game fails to load on iOS
  58. Video button?
  59. "Watch a video for tokens" button
  60. This is impossible it's a bug.
  61. Assistant manager report translation bug
  62. Update = bugs, bugs, bugs
  63. Substitiutions event problem
  64. Player gained star upon daily server restart
  65. Thanking bug
  66. Is it true?
  67. Negotiations - bug in offer update notification
  68. BUG team without defenders
  69. Problem with match reports and trainings
  70. Small bug in thanking for your support
  71. Player assisting himself
  72. Losing substitution after red card
  73. Match comments that are quite unlogical
  74. Negotiations - Black Box
  75. Commercial bug
  76. Hyundai videos not giving tokens
  77. Same color jerseys - a problem and a solution
  78. Yellow cards
  79. abnormal traits of a player
  80. How to connect to another Facebook account - how to take over the team of my friend??
  81. Bad teams
  82. I haven’t received the Tokens I bought on TE.com
  83. video not working on pc or facebook logout on iphone tips
  84. Champions league winner notification for league winners
  85. No Bonuses or Tactics button during match
  86. Friends gone from list
  87. Special abilities in t.m.
  88. 2x booster
  89. Recent update(May 23, 2017) doesn't working
  90. League schedule date changes
  91. Different Game Result
  92. Notifications of player progress.
  93. No 2X training last few days
  94. No rewards
  95. Server not vailable
  96. Where are the free tokens from add?
  97. App stops daily collecting special feature gift from friends
  98. Earning tokens or earning disappointments
  99. What is wrong nordeus?
  100. What kind of a joke is this?
  101. Stupid bug on association match, fix it now!!!
  102. Association bugs again
  103. Got T11 a bit confused for a bit
  104. Free kick specialist Bug
  105. Topeleven Android "unfortunately, top eleven has stopped"
  106. Lost a game because the match would not load on my screen
  107. Injury for 19 days
  108. Why am I not in 3rd position?
  109. Red card every game
  110. Presents not delivared to friends...TOKENS LOST and REAL MONEY!! FFS
  111. Player not recovering
  112. Missing In Action
  113. Bug with associations
  114. There is a free video that crashes the app 100% every time
  115. Did you notice any performance issues?
  116. Lost all game becouse nordeus
  117. Can't change stadium name via assistant>ground
  118. Google session expired
  119. New week, New bug
  120. Association this weekend, No tokens at all
  121. Lost a game vs a much weaker opponent
  122. [OFFICIAL] RESOLVED - League Prize money delay (30.04.17)
  123. won the league title with 2 accounts
  124. Could access Champions League while not being qualified to it
  125. 79 token player... 119% shows only as 99% in squad
  126. No log
  127. High level and low level player
  128. League prize money
  129. Too many asso chat messages
  130. [OFFICIAL] Issue with the F.A. Tournament (28.04.17)
  131. Again bug in Association matches
  132. Video stacks
  133. AM score-based advice is still terrible
  134. This game is a bull*hit
  135. Is this guy hacker ?
  136. Not work in android 7.0
  137. Crashes and Servers
  138. cant run the app on my tablet
  139. Negociations between players broken
  140. Assistant report displays wrong-old team for a player sold
  141. Tactics keep getting reset
  142. Collecting gifts from friends still=Crash
  143. Bug with 25th April Update.
  144. I can't log in
  145. Direct offers missing
  146. Need update to my PC? :confused:
  147. How to change to new surface on the pc-HELP!!!
  148. Trolled in CL
  149. Champions League Group Results
  150. Froot Loops ad doesn't work
  152. Former Facebook Friends don't disappear from myTE list
  153. can't pay for tokens with phone bill?
  154. I can't see some of friends' matches
  155. Player Training Bug or is it a feature? :-)
  156. Strength of bot-teams/not attended teams
  157. How good was this player!!!!
  158. Visual glitch in the TE 2017's Trophy Room section
  159. No players in Mini camp
  160. Negotiation list bug
  161. Resolution issues
  162. Bugs report panalty shooting
  163. Association crazy scores bug
  164. Ads loading and playing give no reward today. What's up with that?
  165. Cup final statistics?
  166. Associations match broken for anyone else?
  167. Slow
  168. Thank you Nordeus! 3 players with Red card for CUP Final.
  169. Issues viewing adds on Web version
  170. Friendlies, Man of the Match =/= +4 skill points?
  171. Assistant manager
  172. Red card , player still on the field , Nordeus new feature :)
  173. Changing regeneration time?
  174. I need help
  175. Wrong CM/CG player stats
  176. No reward(s) after league match
  177. Association duel glitch ?
  178. Outraged Erroneous result in game
  179. New Bug Asso
  180. Those 3 players recommended
  181. Assoziation
  182. Friends Match not showing up
  183. Lost connection to server, lost cup qualification. Thanks a lot Nordeus.
  184. What happened to my League?
  185. Top Eleven Isn't working on my pc
  186. Negotiation offer not appearing in players card
  187. Is this possible or it s a bug.?
  188. Is this a new bug? - Recommended Players
  189. Bug in Champions League and NIVEA cup finals ?
  190. Is there somebody found that today's association competition was abnormal?
  191. Facebook confirmation, bug or problem ?
  192. I notice some bugs today
  193. Free english lessons for serbian users by nordeus
  194. Can't see stats sometimes?
  195. New fb account
  196. Game not loading since 25/02/2017
  197. Watched video but no reward?
  198. Wages rise overnight!
  199. Champions League level
  200. Can't watch match
  201. Free greens/reds/blues/tokens ?
  202. fold on reserve list
  203. No videos at all since last Friday
  204. Match screen freezed
  205. Pc version broken?
  206. From 99% to 100% by itself
  207. Cup Prize Bug ?
  208. Great norderus fixing association match
  209. Login problems
  210. Game Disconnects on Itself in the middle of Auctions
  211. Since Update 2x Training and Free Videos always greyed out
  212. can someone please explain this to me!!
  213. Is this a hacker ?
  214. Internet Explorer
  215. Old version not working...
  216. bug with achievements ?
  217. Videos error
  218. Auction players retain condition after transfer?
  219. Cosmetic bug after the update (graphics)
  220. Loading screen bug
  221. Game crashed
  222. Help!
  223. 2 players at S6
  224. League Cup final Glitch :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  225. Language + in game screen screwed, urgent help needed please!
  226. Income: -441k in single association match
  227. Regarding time of Association Finals
  228. Champions league elimination
  229. Game is not running
  230. Shortlist
  231. Problem with accessing Help in TE, Video offers and free tokens
  232. Association list dont load "Connection lost"
  233. Associations visual Loans bug
  234. Problem with Purchase
  235. Cheaters ?
  236. Training onmobile--different then on PC bonus
  237. Problem to buy tokens
  238. Exploit or feature?
  239. Problem with videos
  240. Bug or ...?
  241. Personal Trainer Issue
  242. Unable to change team formation
  243. Tapatalk
  244. Tapjoy offer issues
  245. How is this even possible?
  246. Sound on after each update?
  247. [major bug] android training screen recent update
  248. Still gotta download resources every login why?
  249. LOL Casper Jersey
  250. 502 Bad gateway