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  1. Friendly matches when I am challenged ruining my winning streak
  2. Leave friendly championship before it's starts
  3. Potenciar X2 la bonificación de entrenamiento
  4. Condition
  5. Reset day is not working? Calender not correct!!
  6. Training bugged???
  7. Can't view match report for most matches today
  8. Can't connect to facebook: Already have another team
  9. Linking to facebook account
  10. Token
  11. Lag on web again
  12. New position
  13. Negative tokens?
  14. Bug in daily videos
  15. Negoation transfer market bug ?
  16. Login facebook not working
  17. Special Sponsor 2nd Special Ability Bug
  18. Special Sponsor Award issue
  19. Tapjoy ads slow to play
  20. Video reward bug
  21. Reward desapeard
  22. Problems with training (2 training left for ever??)
  23. 1+1 on fire morale reward
  24. Team in wrong level
  25. Didn't get league match point.
  26. New bug ! League games disappearing from fixture list
  27. No Top Scorer Challenge
  28. Bug - Tasks
  29. https://apps.facebook.com/topeleven/ no loading
  30. Day 3 hs started but cannot see my league opponents or games
  31. I think I may have accidentally released a player I wanted to sign
  32. I can't sell a player
  33. Top scorer reward
  34. Not receiving items from ads.
  35. Everything lost after a break of 2 months
  36. Special Sponsor - Prep Master
  37. Reporting Community Items Scammers Link and Latest known scammer alerts
  38. Laged to buy player I didnt want to buy.
  39. Not able to watch friends fixtures and support
  40. Actualizacion
  41. No control bonus leads to loss
  42. PC lags back
  43. Opera browser update issue
  44. No attendance to my games
  45. Facebook friends won't show up
  46. APP not working properly since the update and bug
  47. count of workouts
  48. Personal Trainers
  49. Two results for a same match.
  50. Previous match report doesnt show up.
  51. Glitch 200+ player
  52. Red star dublin cant connect since sunday
  53. Daily Update Issues - August 18 - No League Table; Condition Reset
  54. Didnt get top goalscorer bonus
  55. In Game help is USELESS!
  56. Appearance bug
  57. Special Sponsor: Top recruiter bug
  58. 15th of 15 attendances didn't register for Special Sponsor
  59. I can’t claim my Friendly championship reward
  60. I lost 30 rest packs without reason!
  61. special sponsor is gone
  62. Associations Matching BUG!
  63. 0 Spectators in Cup matches
  64. Income from Friendlies bug??
  65. Game keeps sending notifications for messages from the Support that I already read.
  66. My friend disappeared and we can't support each other :/
  67. Start 3 matches with bonuses at max
  68. haksız yenilgi aldım. NORDEUS TINLAMIYOR
  69. Shame on you (8th august)
  70. Workover Match
  71. Special Sponsor task: Optimal team bonus bug
  72. Trouble with home games attendance
  73. again... match details are gone once again...
  75. Cant load URL..help me please..
  76. GK jersey selection doesn't work and disconnects
  77. Special sponsor & Youth Acadamy
  78. King of kings challenging lagging really bad
  79. Everything disappear - New bug
  80. Android - No Club Menu, No way to exit tutorial.
  81. ANNOUNCEMENT - Walkover Matches - 8th August - Details
  82. Verbände
  83. Special Sponsor and Youth Academy Bug
  84. the logo icon still shows the old 10th birthday logo
  85. Special Sponsor issue
  86. Complain to nobody
  87. it doesn't grow when I train new role
  88. Training 2 positions same time help
  89. Friends BUG ?
  90. Error not able to watch any League game
  91. need help , game constantly keeps on crashing over and over again
  92. top eleven always crashing while trying to invite friends in a friendly championship
  93. Faults, faults and more
  94. please help , i'm not able to join a friendly championship
  95. Preseason Notification
  96. Events - Friendly championship, can't CLAIM awards! HELP!
  97. Fix the glitches
  98. Can anyone explain why the game says I finished 2nd?
  99. Special Sponsor
  100. Green pack video bug, how can we report?
  101. lag on web
  102. Cant connect Facebook
  103. “No Internet Connection”
  104. The match is finished and results of match will be available soon error.
  105. Youth academy player head coach(x3.2) bug
  106. T11 problem
  107. Impotent support as usual
  108. Academy bug or sponsor bug?
  109. Patrocinador Especial
  110. Special Sponsor doesn't award the 50 points for finishing a new role for a player.
  111. a special sponsor did not give the x20 coach !!! I won this award !!
  112. No tokens :(
  113. I didnt get the tokens i bought
  114. Is the game down?
  115. Academy numbers BUG
  116. Special Sponsor Rewards and Tasks issues
  117. Free Tokens
  118. Special Sponsor Rewards bug
  119. Can't load the game
  120. Academy special sponsor position trainer not fixed.
  121. Special sponsor
  122. Special Sponsor is not available on my account, I can't see the event
  123. Cách sắp xếp hiệp hội
  124. Game will not load
  125. Not able to log in
  126. Association matches not shown in fixture
  127. Long-existing and new visual bugs on live match highlights
  128. No he recibido el premio pichichi
  129. game freezes on friendly championship window
  130. Special sponsor players cant be claimed
  131. Videos boosters
  132. Green pack free bug
  133. Where to check my fanbase + attendees?
  134. Training bug
  135. Bug & Technical problem? Very important, from special event interest with Prizes?
  136. Bug
  137. Confirmed BUG 21 June 2020- Cup walkover, didn't even play
  138. I can't play cups matches
  139. Notifications iPhone
  140. Please remove the facebook connection with Top Eleven
  141. My game is always stuck saying "loading" on the web page
  142. [ANNOUNCEMENT] Special Sponsor Youth Academy Rewards Issues - Coaches Applied
  143. Can anybody explain to me
  144. My player new position training reset itself after 49.
  145. Issue with the attendance
  146. in 4 minutes there is going to be a top 11 crash ! lmao
  147. Substituion
  148. How EVENTS shit on your season quadruple dreams
  149. Friendly championship event and Association match schedule/Preview gone
  150. King of Kings event disappeared
  151. Issue after finish event
  152. King of the kings second phase
  153. need very fast help
  154. Event Disappeared
  155. I haven't have videos of the suitcases.
  156. Taraftar Sorunu
  157. Bug ?
  158. I'm putting this here before the match
  159. game ended
  160. Association games lagging
  161. Special sponsor: Didn’t get reward
  162. Friendly championship
  163. Video very big problem
  164. Live Match Issues - Match Reports/Substitutions
  165. Italian Tour NOT FIXED YET
  166. Website log with Facebook NOT working
  167. Video Playback Error
  168. Do you have to go in and out of the games often to see the videos?
  169. Issue connecting to Facebook
  170. Italy tour is BROKEN
  171. Button to Chose between Accounts disappear (Google/Facebook)
  172. Association friendly game not possible
  173. Wrong score/match
  174. The Game is not loading again on PC.
  175. 2X Training, Free Training, Treatment and $ Video advert are not working.
  176. Video problems - Problemas nos videos
  177. Match Attendance and Match Report
  178. Game not loading on PC
  179. Game disconnected me before kick off and the match was never played
  180. Easy League Bug
  181. I bought a player and disappear
  182. Can't join the match
  183. Purchased Player MIssing from Squad
  184. Auction player
  185. Level Up issue
  186. TV Rights contract is shown wrong days.
  187. Didn't get the 100 tokens
  188. Bug match players rewards
  189. Match bonus time not working properly
  190. Bugs and Bugs ( Bonus Bug + substitution not done)
  191. Managers on same Server
  192. Bug when pausing new position training
  193. Help please
  194. Awanse
  195. Unequal Matchmaking
  196. Cannot load match preview
  197. can't claim friendly championship reward
  198. No skill progress on matches! Help pls!
  199. Players sold but money not received
  200. unable to get 2x bonuses or free green packs
  201. Association match no start
  202. I need assistance
  203. On Fire Broken?
  204. Top eleven not linking to facebook
  205. 10 Years of Disgrace
  206. Cant link to Facebook
  207. Match reports not available.
  208. Connection interrupted or lost
  209. Free rest ads won't load
  210. Special Sponsor event + Bad technical support
  211. i can't to schedule any friendly matches at all
  212. Top scorers
  213. Connection error after sending thanks to supporters. (minor bug)
  214. Problems with free video rewards
  215. Top scorers bug
  216. Game bug on 10/05
  217. Hello
  218. Hello
  219. Feedback
  220. Cannot get free token
  221. Přišel jsem o první místo v lize
  222. Problems in Friendly Championship
  223. Times does not match
  224. Will there really be a restriction of 4 games per day?
  225. Champions match lost by a weaker team and impossible to view match
  226. Admin I am still awaiting a solution!!!
  227. 1 + 1 “ On fire” not working.
  228. anyone else had server problems there?
  229. Misterious results
  230. change system
  231. Friendly Matches
  232. [Announcement] Connectivity Issues - May 10
  233. Referral rewards!!
  234. Some problems with the health of my players after the game and Special Sponsor tasks
  235. i can't buy rests!
  236. This is important - top eleven
  237. Issue in moving players
  238. I deleted the data from my phone - got guest profile
  239. Etkinlik hatasi Şampiyonlarin Kralı hile
  240. Server down?
  241. Videos not crediting with green/+15%
  242. BUG Sponsor Event Task: Level Up (Gain a Star)?
  243. Objetcs from Friends Bug?
  244. Player Sell Issue
  245. King of kings games not starting
  246. Getting really pissed
  247. TP bonus issue....again
  248. game won't charge since launch of KIngs Challenge Final
  249. Cant Connect connect account to facebook account
  250. Substitution doesn't happen