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  1. Missed penalties
  2. Report/complaint regarding illegal tricks in FA
  3. App is crashing
  4. Crap
  5. Cant play league matches
  6. brovo norddeus
  7. Video drill do not show up.
  8. 14th january 2022 association matches cannot enter live-matches
  9. offside rewiew broken?
  10. Is this player for real or he is an Alien lost in planet earth?
  11. Tip to improve confederation disputes
  12. "Sign an Offensive Coach" task didnt clear after I use standard attacking coach today
  13. Videos disappeared
  14. Match associations
  15. Stubborn
  16. video drill event missing
  17. Someone been rewarded from Nordeus?
  18. Finished 9th but still promoted
  19. I'm pissed off...Nordeus!
  20. Special Sponsor: Super Star Maker not rewarded
  21. I was 3rd but I could not attend Champions League?
  22. Special Sponsor - "Earn 9th Star (160%)"
  23. Wrong translation
  24. Friendly Championship
  25. Game offline
  26. Bug for the Result of the Game
  27. Looks like the Super Cup is also bugged
  28. Bug with game entry, so I lost my League title!
  29. false start, rigged result
  30. Compensation for what
  31. Support in finals
  32. Issue with Associations
  33. Bug leaderboard League
  34. My team are connected and used different people? i can't understand
  35. Draw Frenzy issues
  36. Special Sponsor- Gifted and now disappeared
  37. Cannot get Draw Frenzy rewards
  38. Level mismatch
  39. Hemisphere hopping
  40. Event Bug: Hemisphere Hopping
  41. Last Season's Friendly Championship is stuck
  42. Away fans bonus in cup finals
  43. Special sponsor Task! Assign 6500 playstyle points
  44. Penalty Shoot-out activity deleted
  45. The mini game is too buggy
  46. Penalty duel broken
  47. Special sponsor SA not assignable to player with SA progress
  48. does not load video drills
  49. Problem with task, Win 2 friendly matches
  50. Unable to Invite Players to Associations & Friendly Tournaments
  51. Game freezes all the time
  52. The amount of matches frquency is nit acceptable
  53. Windows Store App : mouse wheel doesn't work with new update
  54. 8th star - spacial sponsor
  55. Cannot see player stats from cup matches
  56. Configuración injusta en las finales de Copa y Champion
  57. I lost a match, but did I?
  58. Justiça, quero meus pontos na Liga!
  59. What is going on with my players?
  60. Association Invites
  61. Help!! I lost 10 playstyle levelup boosters from frenzy event!!
  62. |HELP! I lost trainning x325 of the event "footwith ball"
  63. Unite Cup still active so can’t replace asso players
  64. Video Drills - imposibile to finish Special sponsor mission
  65. 15th October - Association problems
  66. Why does nordeus lie and give us false hope
  67. The Association Chat Gets Cleared by Itself
  68. Chrome not supported?
  69. Player Stats
  70. TapJoy offer disappeared from Rewards & Status
  71. Bug with VAR
  72. King of Kings subs not applied
  73. 2nd round of King of Kings
  74. [Official] Player Stats tab - Temporarily disabled
  75. Issue Injury
  76. Draw Frenzy reward disappeared
  77. Friends' fixtures not displayed
  78. "Sommige betalingsmethoden zijn momenteel mogelijk niet beschikbaar."
  79. I Cannot Choose The Order of My Favourite Achievements
  80. Show the coaches and referees and linesmen/women
  81. Improve Video Control
  82. Closing after watching add or after practice NOK
  83. Old and very current issues
  84. physical therapy center
  85. Increase of condition loss
  86. Gk super bonus
  87. I have a problem with scheduling matches
  88. any solution to this?
  89. No fixtures
  90. Incorrect Subs
  91. Bug event (Stage 5)
  92. Bugged event
  93. Friendly games - Friendly Championship
  94. Changing a position twice causes game reload
  95. Latest 3D update - rebounds
  96. Pop-up advertising - Slow Daily Videos
  97. T11 won't load in Microsoft Edge!
  98. association bugs
  99. Associations - bugs
  100. season buzz challenge pitch reward bug in game, main page turn to white page of death
  101. Not all league substitutions count for special sponsor task
  102. incorrect free kick/corner kick taker.
  103. No recommended player from the assistant.
  104. Can NOT watch video for booster
  105. "FA Tournament Contributor" bug
  106. Level up players
  107. Special manager hat trick task
  108. Thought this game was for everyone
  109. Federation
  110. This player is using cheats
  111. Possible bug??
  112. King of kings disappeared
  113. Association bug
  114. Game reset in video drills and training
  115. Watching video ads don't give me rewards
  116. Constent connection error (web) & match report is unavailable (android and web)
  117. Wrong height of players
  118. Draw frenzy
  119. Transfer Window Tour wont let next stage be playable
  120. Nordeus has given up
  121. Video drills
  122. Games knackered
  123. Game is a shambles
  124. There was a problem connecting to the server
  125. Facebook /google chrome pages unresponsive
  126. association points disappeared
  127. Add and remove friend bug
  128. Game does not open computer, via facebook
  129. Special Sponsor - Vanity Collector
  130. Can not leave my association even the event is already finished
  131. Cup Final Bug
  132. Wrong pitch pattern during live match
  133. messed up goal post postion in 2D view (PC)
  134. Can't kickout an assoc member who joined after tournaments had started
  135. substitute players gets stuck and you hace to exit the game or home out and in.
  136. Man of the match didn't reward the 180% and above player anymore?
  137. Bug in gived after FA in weekend bugs
  138. Servers down?
  139. 2 players on 0% condition
  140. You need to cancel the first Asso leg !
  141. More video issues
  142. Injured players
  143. Association
  144. I cannot swap my association matches
  145. Player dissapeared
  146. Fixture date error
  147. Game down
  148. F2 Bug!
  149. STILL mess up subs in events?
  150. No rewards from last season top scorer
  151. No match highlights
  152. Problems with Video Drills event
  153. Missed penalties not showing on Highlights
  154. King of Kings only 3 subs
  155. unity error while connecting with FB (pc)
  156. Players' profile bug...
  157. 2nd half On fire morale
  158. Missing 100points in Special Sponsor for compensation
  159. Video Drills and KoK missing
  160. Connection error during training...
  161. 5 Substitutions - Special Sponsor
  162. Video drills not working
  163. Fixture bug again
  164. Play Store Points
  165. Training bug
  166. Fixture not loading
  167. Video ads take so long to load
  168. Player I substituted somehow made 2 goals and 2 assists…[emoji2962]
  169. Microsoft store game on PC stuck.
  170. Special sponsor bug
  171. Finished league below 8th place!
  172. Subbed players keep playing
  173. whats happened???
  174. Association match bug (urgent)
  175. Highlights bug
  176. 4th minute injuries and 21st minute red card
  177. Problème dans l'association
  178. Visual bug (GK Jersey)
  179. Visual bug (GK Jersey)
  180. Cannot enter any text
  181. Browsers
  182. My player scored twice from the bench!
  183. one more bug...this time in the associations part
  184. Jersey color clash
  185. Video drills doesn’t work
  186. not receiving video rewards
  187. Training Experience Points
  188. Subs come on but base players keep playing
  189. Bigger quantity of Association as usual
  190. Player with paused second position not getting rewards
  191. Training - multiple sets of drills 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x
  192. Can't play the game on PC?
  193. Second Jersey can not use
  194. Another Mourinho bug
  195. Support
  196. Problems with ads watching
  197. Can't login to Balkan server...
  198. Injured player does not sub out
  199. Stat Display
  200. Team bonus - 20 minutes or 25?
  201. “Extra time” not “overtime”
  202. Red card Mourinho bug
  203. Player suspended for Red Card but has not recieved red card this season
  204. BUG: The first player of subs. disappeared in association match
  205. Bug: Opposition View during association match.
  206. Special sponsor
  207. Player Substitutions
  208. Match not finishing properly.
  209. Going minus in Tokens
  210. Injuries
  211. Referral code in web version
  212. Live Match Animation OFF is not working
  213. Season stats not updated
  214. Playstyle event offer bug or ripoff
  215. login via facebook, on computer..
  216. Unable to login through Facebook
  217. Sponsor task earn the 6th starfor a player bug
  218. Please fix Association training
  219. Reuse Facebook account
  220. Beta 3D version problem
  221. Error Connection google
  222. connection error.
  223. Top scorer event missing from event list
  224. King of Kings tournament final
  225. Special sponsor 'New role' reward glitched
  226. Friendly match
  227. UK64 - Top Eleven BETA test
  228. Can not close ads
  229. 6 wins in a row - special sponsor
  230. [Official] Carnival: Dance-Off Event Known Issue
  231. Carnival challenge problems
  232. Players not the recovering condition ?
  233. If I select players to train, everyone trains....
  234. Won a player but didn´t get tokens back
  235. king of the kings
  236. Friendly match away team no rewards
  237. Special Sponsor - Special Ability Reward
  238. Nem kaptam meg a tokeneket!
  239. Disqualified from FA Tournaments- association matches
  240. Video failed to play
  241. Special sponsor task
  242. Boost Lab - Unable to Buy
  243. Bug, daily video
  244. Tour of the North - Final Stage rewards
  245. Assists Count
  246. been having problems lately with revu offers
  247. Association draw missing fixtures and timing
  248. Special Sponsor did't work
  249. Random potential pack bug
  250. in live games, the app itself is slow