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  1. Please explain the new playstyle
  2. we need a forfeit game option
  3. Multifriendy
  4. Associations - translate option
  5. day 1 of new season and BS already
  6. Stop the unfair pairing in all competitions
  7. Please add a forfeit option to game
  8. I appreciate the new changes and the peace offering gifts in the new updatesbut...
  9. Suggest an update for a new weather
  10. New updated top eleven
  11. Draw Frenzy cost to continue should be shown
  12. On fire players
  13. Add a search function to friends matches area
  14. Few things i think should be changed
  15. Option to turn off friendly matches
  16. Suggestion regarding special events and others
  17. Top eleven fair practices
  18. Win almost every single match formation and tactics it really works
  19. Association Torunaments during working days
  20. Play against other associations IN own league
  21. Needs to be fairer
  22. Loans of players between users
  23. Player academy/ not youth
  24. In keeping with nordeus tradition
  25. This game is a fraud and its practice is dishonest
  26. Adjustable Goalkeeper mentality
  27. Requesting changes to game structure
  28. I know i complain a lot but is anyone listening?
  29. Game is getting worse every season
  30. The crappiest results this season please correct algorithms
  31. Friends Chat
  32. Bring National Teams back
  33. Events need changes
  34. Articulos oficiales
  35. New training programmes
  36. How much stamina will be restored till next match?
  37. Feature request!!!
  38. Champions league winners badge on team logo
  39. This game has become a joke
  40. Token
  41. Improve the association cheating
  42. Rewards
  43. Suggestions for implementation in the confederation competition
  44. Goalkeepers
  45. Meisterschafts Belohnung
  46. Daily Player
  47. Different colours for games of friends.
  48. Tanking
  49. Training for a new role
  50. Champions League
  51. Cup
  52. Special Sponsor
  53. Gambling
  54. Penalties
  55. Replays of offside decisions where no goal is scored
  56. Referee
  57. Training mode has to be improved
  58. How to make it better
  59. Custom stadium colours and seats
  60. Commentators
  61. Red cards - more impact
  62. Indirect freekicks
  63. Friends fixtures
  64. Cancellation of Training of Special Ability or New Posiiton
  65. Decent time
  66. King of Kings rewards
  67. Watching ads in the computer version
  68. Championships of death issue
  69. Fix unbalanced teams with alien players
  70. Hattrick and player on fire
  71. Being able to see the ads for bonuses at the time you want.
  72. Make the asso bonus points distributed according to asso total points not semi&final
  73. Set 1 Season contract if the player has 1% when season starts
  74. Combine
  75. More games..
  76. Tip to implement visual aids for users in confederations.
  77. Improve player negotiations (transfer market between managers)
  78. Match replay and historic stats
  79. Individual player stats
  80. Suggestion: 2 new spaces in the academy
  81. Suggestion: more t- shirts for the GK
  82. Rewards for top assists and MVP of League
  83. Offside rule
  84. Loan
  85. Suggestions
  86. Suggestion: swap the last(20th) reward with 2nd last(19th) in sponsor task
  87. Remove events for association points
  88. World Top Exclusive Tournaments
  89. Show Server Number on Settings and allow to invite in our server via gift
  90. Are you also tired of auctioning players?
  91. NEW Associations combined team event
  92. About inactive Bronze and Silver associations
  93. Improving Portuguese Translation
  94. Player celebrations
  95. Token for Ideas
  96. Begennig of the season
  97. Items market
  98. Negotiations - add a fee every time we move a player
  99. Special sponsor is almost comical if it wasn't so sad
  100. Youth team
  101. Entrance At The Start Of Every Game, Where The Players Walk Onto The Field
  102. Gratistoken für Apple User
  103. Bastar.....
  104. This season awful expensive players in auctions and...
  105. Loaners
  106. Début saison suivante. Financement.
  107. Treatments
  108. Every single friendly an injury?
  109. Check this out it's unbelievable be careful
  110. MORALE THING IS REALLY BS and other things
  111. Swap rests for morals or health etc.
  112. Top Server - Altrernative solution
  113. Player morale
  114. Academy training and personal training and youth academy
  115. Chat with Friends
  116. Suggestions for a better managing experience
  117. Unchanged Avatar Trophies
  118. Splitting the game based on spending
  119. Player Nicknames
  120. Away Fans Support works in Champions League Final? A bug?
  121. King of Kings rewards
  122. Game rewards
  123. do something with Skill boosters
  124. I cannot watch my replays
  125. The sum and pride of any manager’s works > National Squad!
  126. Making Jerseys / Emblems Organisable & Categorisable
  127. Adding Differences to Players Height in Live Matches
  128. Making Scheduled Times for Matches Simpler & More Realistic
  129. What is the logic behind not putting the shirts and emblems of the events in the stor
  130. What happened?
  131. Let the manager choose which player position they want for the main prize in events
  132. Player rewards
  133. Lack of official items!!
  134. FA chat everywhere
  135. Suggestion for top eleven
  136. Reduce match ban to 1 game only after straight red card
  137. Head to head stat
  138. Subs delay
  139. Circus
  140. Playable top eleven for everyone
  141. Suggestion to add tokens & real money transaction page tab on financial section
  142. Manager pay? Houses, cars, yachts, planes etc??
  143. Team that are impposible to play against
  144. Tactics
  145. Camera angles
  146. Camera display
  147. 3D gameplay improvements
  148. Making one more unfair cheating event!
  149. WonderKid Addition
  150. Player mentality at the goal box
  151. ¿Cuál es la prioridad de un jugador?
  152. Transfer list should refresh faster
  153. Re-boarding for old managers who left the game by deleting their account
  154. Ability to “complete” sponsor tasks
  155. Adding a new European League and removing the away goal benefit
  156. Make the position of players as gifts optional for managers
  157. Playstyle game, something wrong.
  158. 20 teams for the league
  159. 20 teams for league
  160. Aging Players Training Mechanism
  161. Supporting friends button
  162. Easier way to support friends match
  163. Sign Players On Loan From Higher Leagues
  164. Add the UEFA Conference League!
  165. Subbed players keep playing
  166. Discord server
  167. Bench...
  168. Can we have option for re-watching previous plays?
  169. FA Event
  170. Association match live score updates
  171. Make Top Eleven great again 💰
  172. Manager of the week... For the league
  173. ----- attributes change view -----
  174. This game is a complete shambles.
  175. Microsoft Store
  176. Set a minimum in negative attributes.
  177. New features that need to be added
  178. Billions in the bank and injury tokens
  179. Friend Add system
  180. Special Sponsor
  181. Generated faces...
  182. Abolish the away goal rule
  183. New suggestion after 3D update
  184. Club crest
  185. Injury - change the way they work
  186. Super League winners qualify for CL group stages or play offs
  187. Cup winners get qualified for Super League
  188. Token rewards for League/CL/SL top 3 managers
  189. Buzzing about 3D introduction
  190. Opt-out option from association invitations
  191. Training...
  192. Corner kicks
  193. Train Playstyle Potential
  194. Championship Friendly
  195. Show top 5 players for goals and assists
  196. Auction...
  197. Side backs and wingers...
  198. Billions in the bank totally redundant
  199. Gifting of Playstyle Points
  200. Draw manipulation...
  201. Create new login forms
  202. change back the field position overlay in opponent tab of formation setting
  203. Players as reward
  204. Randomizing the server
  205. Transfers
  206. Chatting
  207. Nodeus is forcing me to buy new phone just to play Top11? nope not gonna happen. bye2
  208. Bet system
  209. Team Testing
  210. Hide opponent association match!
  211. Young talent centre...
  212. Manage Chat
  213. "Player is not for sale" option...
  214. Friendly game injuries...
  215. Formação durante o jogo
  216. Usar maleta para impulsionar o bônus de treinamento
  217. Association search
  218. Players
  219. Playing styles
  220. Playing styles
  221. Position
  222. Update 2 for this season
  223. Playstyle
  224. Improve Perssoal Trainer and Boost Lab
  225. Question about one on one skill
  226. Higher Condition Recovery Rate for Younger Players
  227. Relegated Team should also degrade the level
  228. SA for GK in Special Sponsor for fking three seasons in a row?
  229. Private Message
  230. Saved formation on-game
  231. Return of the number of fans of each team
  232. End of 24h obligation on daily videos
  233. GK ability "set piece stopper" two season in a row?
  234. Associations Supreme Division - No criteria
  235. Apartado de historia
  236. Header Special ability for strikers
  237. invitation championnat amical
  238. Buying players
  239. Track FA members performance and swiping options.
  240. Idea against Tankers...!
  241. It is great to play two games a day, what I dislike is that in the second game you do
  242. Track Player Overall rate % by (13/15).
  243. Nonsense players rankings
  244. Carry forward special sponsor excess to next season
  245. Game suggestions and QOL improvement ideas!!
  246. toggle saved tactics
  247. Is Nordeus will apply the new UEFA rules about goals scored away ?
  248. AndresOrozco2020 Mi idea para mejorar
  249. Logic?
  250. For new players